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Thursday 16 March 2017 FLASH Mar 16 click for key items      

The following are the headlines of the respective FLASH report.

The full report (3-4 pages) is available either on a subscription basis (by e-mail) or can be purchased and downloaded individually (click above to enter the required customer information).

  • The recent steep decline of soybean prices is spilling over to other oilseeds and products...
  • U.S.A.: Soybean crushings slowed down pronouncedly to an estimated 4.1 Mn T in February...
  • In Oct/Febr 2016/17 G-5 soya meal exports dropped to 23.3 Mn T...
  • Brazil: Biodiesel production dropped below the year-ago level in early 2017...
  • Uptrend in protein demand is likely to keep Mexican imports of soybeans & products on a high level in Apr/June 2017...
  • INDONESIA: Imports of soybeans increased sizably in recent months...

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