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The Revised OIL WORLD 2020

The Revised OIL WORLD 2020 (released on 30 May 2002) offers a high degree of insight into the future of oils & fats, oilseeds, oilmeals and grains as well as livestock and aquaculture products and the interdependencies between the five sectors and the 50 commodities. All supply and demand data are from 1976 through 2020 and for 22 individual countries (the EU-15 and the ex-USSR counted as one country each) and the rest of the world. Past price data are from 1983 to April 2002.

Investors will be more interested in the long-term supply and demand forecasts for the first two decades of the new century. In order to neutralize the unpredictable influence of the weather, those forecasts are presented in five-year annual averages. Only for palm oil, palmkernel oil and coconut oil they are also given for each of the years from 2001 to 2005 as the mature areas are fairly well predictable (for oil palms their expansion is forecast to slow down significantly in Indonesia, but also in Malaysia, owing to the after-effects of the financial 1997/98 crisis) while the biological cycle allows a more realistic projection of the prospective annual yields than in the case of oilseeds.

Price forecasts for the fifteen leading commodities are given for 2002 and for the 5-year average 2001-05.

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