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The Independent Forecasting Service for Oilseeds, Oils & Meals
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OIL WORLD Database

Timely, Price Sensitive Information
Reliable, unbiased and comprehensive information is the key to business success. ISTA Mielke GmbH with its up-to-date research and forecasts is well prepared to give you the fundamentals of supply and demand which will to a large extent determine the price developments in the medium term.
Access to the OIL WORLD Data Base now offered on CD-ROM provides the information which gives you a competitive edge. An updated CD-ROM is released every three months. The CD-ROM provides more data than we are able to publish in the OIL WORLD MONTHLY and WEEKLY:
Latest supply and demand projections by country and commodity. Included are country and commodity statistics on oilseed area, yields and production as well as crushings, imports and exports of oilseeds plus the complete oil and meal balances.
In both the country and the commodity sections we provide statistics for each of the 10 major oilseeds as well as each of the 17 major oils and fats, each of the 12 oilmeals as well as for red meat and poultry.
Updated estimates for the current season (for all 39 commodities covered and the most important countries) and comparable data for the preceding seasons.
Monthly prices for all leading oilseeds, oils/fats and oilmeals. Monthly crush, production and trade data are given for some key countries.
Easy access and use. The tables are in HTML-format, which makes it easy for you to import the data and time series into your own spread-sheet and your personal data bank. This easy access to OIL WORLD statistics and projections will facilitate and improve your internal analytical research and information.

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