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In the following there is a summary of some key features of the presentations made by Thomas Mielke at Globoil in Mumbai on 27 & 28 October 2018

Current palm oil prices are undervalued. Consumption is now accelerating in the energy sector as well as for food purposes. Palm oil is currently unusally attractive relative to fossil fuels. At the same time, the growth in palm oil production is slowing down. We expect a moderate increase in prices. World palm oil stocks are seen peaking in Nov or Dec 2018. For Jan/Sept 2019 a global production deficit is considered likely, as discussed by Thomas Mielke in his presentation on the vegetable oil outlook given at Globoil India 2018 on Sept 28.  The presentation slides can be downloaded below.

The prospective sharp decline in Chinese soybean imports and crushings in Oct/March 2018/19 will have major impacts on the global market. One of them is seen in a slowing-down of world soybean crushings, which will correspondingly curb world production and supplies of soya oil and meal. Another impact is an increase in Chinese imports of soya meal, rapeseed meal and other oilmeals. This was also discussed in the presentation Thomas Mielke gave at Globoil India 2018 in Mumbai on Sept 27.  For the presentation slides see SAMPLE....