FLASH Nov 30

    World Exports Up in November

    World exports of soybeans have exceeded expectations in November at an estimated 15.1 Mn T, approximately 1.0 Mn T above a year earlier and the first on-year increase in 8 months.....The USA benefited most from the recovery in Chinese import demand in November....


    MONTHLY Nov 26

    World Production Forecast to Rise by 26 Mn T in 2021/22

    Global supplies of oilseeds will be sufficiently large to allow a steep increase in oilseed crushings and to eliminate the current vegetable oil supply tightness. This is true primarily for soybeans and sunflowerseed, considering our current estimates....but it will take longer until last season’s tightness is removed. The transition to more ample supplies of vegetable oils and oilmeals will be accomplished only in 2022.....


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    MONTHLY Nov 26

    World Production May Increase by 8.4 Mn T in 2021/22

    Global oilseed supplies are ample on paper and palm oil production is expected to recover in 2022. However, both factors could not break the bullish sentiment in the market so far. Instead, consumers are struggling to cover requirements or to replenish stocks in view of impeded supply chains....

    A sizeable increase in world production of vegetable oils is overdue after the poor performance in the preceding three seasons. Our revised estimates point to an increase in world production of the eight major vegetable oils by 8.4 Mn T or 4.2% in 2021/22... More details in the OIL WORLD Monthly...


    WEEKLY Nov 19

    Larger Than Initially Expected Peruvian Quota

    .... will raise world export supplies of fish oil & meal in 2021/22. Actual catches in Peru as well as Chinese import demand will be the key swing factors to watch in coming months...

    World production of fish meal is now estimated to reach 5.18 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2021/22, down 0.2 Mn T on the year but still significantly above 4.86 Mn T in 2019/20....


    WEEKLY Nov 19

    Tax Regime Is Discouraging Exports of Oilseeds

    The introduction of high export taxes is significantly changing trade flows this season. Russia has already become the world’s second-largest exporter of rapeseed oil in the July/Sept quarter and will keep this position also in Oct/Sept 2021/22 ....

    As exports of oilseeds are discouraged by the prohibitively high export duty and farmers have become reserved sellers, oilseed stocks will be unusually large in early 2022....


    WEEKLY Nov 12

    Tight Export Supplies & Additional Demand

    In Rotterdam prices of palmkernel meal rallied to a 14-year high in recent weeks.

    Stable demand from traditional importing countries like New Zealand and additional buying from other consumers in Southeast Asia was increasingly difficult to satisfy in  ecent months owing to shrinking production and export supplies in Malaysia. World exports of palmkernel meal declined by 10%...


    WEEKLY Nov 12

    Crushings Curbed Below Potential

    For Sept/Dec 2021 we now consider it likely that sunflowerseed crushings worldwide will fall to a 3-year low - an unexpected scenario in view of this year’s record harvest, which has now been largely collected.
    The reasons are to be found mainly in Russia, where farmers have been reserved sellers and crushings were reduced in response to the introduction of a high export tax on sunflower oil...

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