MONTHLY Feb 23

    Soybean Prices Declining to Multi-Year Low

    The world supply & demand outlook for soybeans in the 2023/24 season is characterized by a production surplus in the second consecutive year. This will lead to a further accumulation of soybean stocks.... Disposals of soybeans have not come up to expectations so far this season. World soybean exports are running behind the year-ago level so far in February, representing the third consecutive monthly decline....

    Contrary to the ample supply outlook of soybeans, most of this season’s anticipated growth in crushings of sunseed and rapeseed has already occurred in the first 5-6 months of this season....

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    MONTHLY Feb 23

    World Production of Veg. Oils in 2023/24 Revised Upward

    Latest data and information confirm that world supplies of vegetable oils will exceed initial estimates this season. This has been reflected in the continued price weakness so far this month....In particular larger than expected production and processing of sunseed and rapeseed are behind the significant upward revision of vegetable oil supplies....

    Taken together, we forecast world consumption of eight major vegetable oils to increase by 3.6% or 7.6 Mn T in 2023/24....


    WEEKLY Feb 16

    Sunflower Oil Production & Exports Up Sharply in Sep/Jan 2023/24

    Sun oil has partly filled the supply gap created by reduced exports of soya oil and palm oil. No doubt, world production and export supplies of sunflower oil have exceeded expectations so far this season. With prices at discounts vis-a-vis other vegetable oils, consumer buying picked up significantly. But following booming exports recently, there is little increase left in sun oil exports for the remainder of this season...



    WEEKLY Feb 16

    Canadian Canola Prices Under Pressure

    The need to revive global import demand pressured Canadian canola in the week to Feb 15, with May futures on the ICE plummeting to a contract low ....Canadian canola prices were also relatively weaker than EU rapeseed  this week, widening the discount in the May position to US-$ 27 at the close of Feb 15 compared to $ 5 two weeks ago and a premium of 30 on Dec 1....



    WEEKLY Feb 9

    Total Area Under Grains and Oilseeds Declines in 2023/24

    Partly extreme dryness prevailing during the past 2-3 months has taken its toll on total plantings. Intentions could not be carried out, mainly for soybeans. Acreage abandonment was unusually high, partly replanted with cotton...Brazilian farmers are receiving a double-blow this season from unfavourable weather conditions trimming yields below potential in many areas and world market prices being under pressure....


  • U.S.A.

    WEEKLY Feb 9

    Record Usage of Oils & Fats in 2023

    US consumption of oils & fats increased by 2.8 Mn T in Jan/Dec 2023, driven by booming production of biodiesel/HVO.....Net imports of 17 oils and fats rocketed by 2 million to 6.6 Mn T last year, led by steep increases in canola oil, palm oil and tallow....


    WEEKLY Feb 2

    Record-High Prices Have Sharply Reduced Olive Oil Consumption

    World consumption was already cut by about 20% from a year earlier in Oct/Dec, while for the whole season a rationing of demand by 10-12% is considered necessary on the basis of....

    The weather will be a key swing factor to watch. At the moment it is still very dry in key olive oil producing regions of Spain and widespread rainfall is now required in Febr/May 2024 to prevent a third consecutive production failure next season...

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