WEEKLY Dec 2

    Sharp Decline of EU Soybean Imports

    Diverging fundamental trends and their implications on processing margins have prompted EU crushers to increasingly shift available capacity towards sunflowerseed and rapeseed in recent months, reducing EU soybean crushings to a multi-year low of 4.1-4.2 Mn T in July/Oct.

    For July/June 2022/23 we forecast rapeseed and sunflowerseed crushings to rise by 1.4 and 0.8 Mn T ...


    WEEKLY Nov 25

    Large Peruvian Catch Quota Unlikely to Be Completed

    The larger than initially expected Peruvian catch quota has improved the outlook for world export supplies of fish oil & meal in Oct/Mar 2022/23, at least in theory. However, it remains to be seen how much of the  2.28 Mn T quota of fresh fish (vs. average market expectations of 2.0 Mn T and last year’s 2.05 Mn T) can be landed by the industrial fleet in the north/centre region in the next 8-10 weeks....

    The uncertain production outlook and the comparatively large forward sales of Peruvian producers, estimated at around 200 Thd T, are likely to limit the pressure on Peruvian export prices for now...


    WEEKLY Nov 25

    EU Biodiesel Imports Are Increasing

    Demand for biofuel feedstock with a low carbon footprint such as used cooking oil and animal fats has grown rapidly of late, primarily in Europe and the USA.....This has promoted rapidly growing EU imports of used cooking oil (UCO) and of biodiesel produced from UCO so far this year...

    Exports of biodiesel from China to the EU-27 were boosted by more than 50% to a record 1.4 Mn T in Jan/Oct 2022. While this volume was largely labelled as UCOME, there are allegations that... More details in the WEEKLY....


    WEEKLY of Nov 18

    Imports of Oilseeds, Oils & Oilmeals Set to Increase in Oct/Dec

    Imports of oilseeds, oils and oilmeals are now picking up and will increase from a year earlier in Oct/Dec 2022. The year-on-year increase is most pronounced in vegetable oils due to the unusually low stocks... Latest October trade data in the FLASH...


    WEEKLY Nov 18

    EU Exports Recovered in July/Sept

    Rising domestic supplies and the corresponding setback in EU prices turned the EU-27 into a net exporter of rapeseed oil in July/Sept 2022, following net imports in the preceding four quarters.....


    WEEKLY Nov 18

    World Crushings Down at the Start of 2022/23

    Soybean crushings had a slow start worldwide in Sept and Oct, the first two months of the 2022/23 season. They amounted to about 52 Mn T, according to our estimates, a 3-year low and 0.4 Mn T below a year earlier. The biggest decline of 1.2 Mn T on the year occurred in Argentina. Reductions were also noted in the European Union...


    MONTHLY Nov 11

    Ample World Supplies of Soybeans and Rapeseed Expected in 2022/23

    A global production surplus of 14.2 Mn T is currently anticipated for 7 major oilseeds in 2022/23. For soybeans and rapeseed & canola we currently expect surpluses of 12.9 and 3.3 Mn T, despite pronounced increases in crushings... As against this, production deficits are likely to occur in sunflowerseed and groundnuts...



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