ISTA Mielke GmbH
Langenberg 25
21077 Hamburg / Germany
Phone: +49-(0)40-7610500
The Independent Forecasting Service for Oilseeds, Oils & Meals
Providing Primary Information --Professional Analysis-- Unbiased Opinion
Siegfried Mielke ISTA Mielke GmbH - better known as OIL WORLD - was founded in 1958 by Siegfried and Anni-Marie Mielke and has remained a wholly family-owned business, neither linked to nor financially dependent on any other company. Also, neither the company owners nor any of the employees are involved in producing or trading the commodities we are analysing.

The OIL WORLD WEEKLY as well as the FLASH and all the other OIL WORLD publications are providing thoroughly elaborated, unbiased and reliable information and forecasts of the current and prospective world supply, demand and prices for oilseeds, oils, fats and oilmeals for the oilseed, oil and feed industries as well as the trade, organizations, banks and government agencies worldwide.

The team of market analysts in Hamburg, Germany, furthermore supplies information upon individual request also beyond the scope of the regular publications. ISTA Mielke GmbH has an excellent data bank of monthly, quarterly and annual world prices and statistics (with detailed breakdown by country) going back to 1958. If you want to test our services, we invite you to either approach us directly with your personal request or to explore one of our daily, weekly, monthly or annual publications.
In the volatile times ahead you need first-hand information from the world´s leading forecasters of the whole field of approximately 40 commodities, thus benefitting from our long experience of 42 years worldwide.

Thomas Mielke OIL WORLD is in a unique position to reliably forecast supply, demand and prices because it is primary - being the world’s first and only source providing complete world supply and demand analyses and forecasts (annual, quarterly and monthly) for all the 39 commodities of our field;

independent & unbiased - our company being wholly family-owned and neither linked to nor financially dependent on any other company and neither producing nor trading our products;

experienced & reliable - its senior director as well as the editor and most analysts having more than 20 years of experience in this most complex of all commodity fields.

Therefore, if you look for primary, independent and experienced analyses and forecasts of supply, demand and price prospects, the daily, weekly, monthly and annual OIL WORLD publications are indispensable for you.

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