FLASH of Mar 21

    Chinese Imports Up Sharply in Jan/Feb

    Imports of oilseeds and products as well as of meat increased sizably in Oct/Febr 2022/23, partly reversing the significant reductions of last season. Imports of 10 oilseeds reached a record 41.7 Mn T, 3.3 Mn T above a year earlier....


    WEEKLY Mar 17

    Olive Oil Prices Rising to New Highs on Tight Supplies

    In 2022/23 world supplies of olive oil will be the tightest in more than 20 years. With production now estimated to be reduced by 0.9 Mn T and stocks at the start of this season only 0.1 Mn T above a year earlier....

    Reduced export supplies of Spain, Italy and Portugal can only be partly compensated by larger volumes in Türkiye and Greece, making demand-rationing inevitable....



    WEEKLY Mar 10

    EU Rapeseed Oil Prices Plummeting

    The European rapeseed oil market is struggling to realign diverging fundamentals. Sharply rising EU rapeseed crushings, lower than initially expected rapeseed oil exports as well as subdued demand from both the food and the biofuel industry have apparently resulted in an oversupply of rapeseed oil in the nearby.....


    WEEKLY Mar 10

    Malaysian Production Set to Recover in 2023

    Malaysian palm oil production is set to recover this year, but additional growth in 2024 and the following years will be limited....The palm oil area in Malaysia is on a declining trend. The mature area fell in two consecutive years to 5.13 Mn ha in Dec 2022...


    WEEKLY Mar 3

    Exports of Veg Oils & Oilmeals to Rise Sharply in 2022/23

    In line with considerably higher oilseed crushings in Russia, exports of vegetable oils and oilmeals are increasing sharply this season. They did not fully come up to expectations in Oct/Jan, resulting in comparatively high stocks, particularly of sun oil and sun meal.....

    In Sept/Jan 2022/23, oilseed crushings in Russia reached a record 10.0 Mn T, 1.7 Mn T or 20% above a year earlier... More details in the WEEKLY...



    Veg Oil Prices Weakening in February

    The OIL WORLD price index of edible oils continued to decline in February to a 25-month low of 146.8, the lowest since January 2021 and down from the high of 260.4 in March 2022.

    Monthly average prices for oils & fats for the past 10 years have also been updated until Dec 2022 click here to order


    Weekly Mar 3

    Rapeseed Crop Lower Than Expected

    This year's Indian rapeseed crop has been decimated significantly below potential by some frost damage in late January and a heat wave affecting large parts of the country so far this month....Rapeseed production estimates are still varying widely between 10 and 11 Mn T...

    Domestic rapeseed prices are currently hovering near the minimum support price of Rs. 54,500, leading to calls from the Indian oilseed industry for higher import duties on refined palm oil.....

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