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Oct 09: 
Stiff Competition for Sunflower Oil Shaping Up in 2015/16...

The EU-28 is expected to increase sunflower oil imports pronouncedly in 2015/16. This sets the stage for active competition on the world market, given prospects of strong demand from the number one importer India...
We currently forecast EU net imports of sunflower oil at a 4-year high of 0.82 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2015/16, implying an unusually large increase of 0.24 Mn T or around 40%...

OIL WORLD WEEKLY of 9 October 2015...

Oct 02: 
Philippine Copra Production May Decline to Multi-Year Low in 2016...

A double blow may significantly reduce Philippine production of copra (the dried flesh of coconuts used to produce coconut oil and meal) in 2016.

Beside the reduction of the mature area to a multi-year low of only around 2.0 Mn ha, the production of copra as such (excluding consumption of coconuts for other uses) will be decimated by dryness prevailing primarily during the first half of 2015...

OIL WORLD WEEKLY of 2 October 2015...

Oct 01: 
Up-to-date Statistics Released for Key Commodities and Countries...

We compiled up-to-date statistics, inlcuding supply and demand, trade details, area and production, monthly prices etc for the following commodities/countries:

  • Soybeans, oil & meal

  • Palm oil

  • Rapeseed, oil & meal

  • Sunseed, oil & meal

  • EU-28

  • China

  • India

    The data are based on the MONTHLY of 25 September 2015 and the Data Base CD ROM released Oct 1. More info under

    Oct 01: 
    OIL WORLD Data Base September 2015 Released...

    on CD-ROM

    -- Date of Release: 30 September 2015 --

    2015/16 oilseed production as well as world supply & demand of oilseeds, oils/fats and oilmeals, all by country

    Take advantage of our reliable, unbiased and comprehensive information and forecasts. For a better understanding of current market developments and prospects.

    • The OIL WORLD Data Base on CD-ROM provides the information which gives you a competitive edge. It includes much more data than can be published in the OIL WORLD MONTHLY and WEEKLY:

    • Forecasts of 2015/16 oilseed area. yields and production and world supply and demand outlook for oils/fats and oilmeals for next season!

      Up-to-date estimates of 2015/16 world supply & demand for all oilseeds, oils & fats and oilmeals with breakdown by country.

    • Quarterly world production, trade, consumption and stocks estimates up to Oct/Dec 2015.

    The CD-ROM provides oilseed crop and processing statistics as well as supply & demand balances for oils/fats, oilmeals etc. for the 64 most important countries. This comprises the EU-28 as well as the major countries of the CIS, Central Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

    Monthly prices from Jan 2000 up to September 2015 for the 6 major oilseeds, 15 oils/fats and 8 oilmeals.

    • Monthly crush, production, trade and stocks data for key countries until Sept or Dec 2016. Trade statistics are provided for the major exporting countries with breakdown by country of destination and for the leading importing countries by country of origin.
      The Commodity Sections for Oilseeds, Oils and Oilmeals provide the supply and demand developments as well as stocks,with breakdown by major countries. The forecasts cover the season 2015/16 for crop production and area as well as world supply & demand of the major oilseeds and products. The time periods in most tables are the 5 seasons until 2015/16 and the 3 calendar years ending 2015. A quarterly breakdown is given in the respective Summary Tables of each commodity. Monthly Price Surveys are given for most oilseeds, oils and meals. The section 'Other Commodities' provides world production statistics for red meat and poultry.
    • For more info see

      Sep 25: 
      Palm Oil Is Set to Lead Veg. Oil Prices to Higher Levels...

      prospective slowing-down of the growth in world palm oil output in calendar year 2016 and a recovery of Indonesian production and domestic usage of biodiesel (stimulated by government subsidies) will considerably slow down the growth in world export supplies.
      The relatively tighter supply scenario shaping up has already started to support palm oil prices...

      OIL WORLD MONTHLY of 25 September 2015...

      Sep 18: 
      Ukraine: In 2016 rapeseed production will decline for the third consecutive year...

      Ukraine: In 2016 rapeseed production will decline for the third consecutive year. Very dry conditions prevented completion of planting intentions in many regions. As of Sept 17 only 502 Thd ha were reportedly sown, down steeply from 731 Thd ha at the same time last year and 668 Thd ha in comparable 2013. Sowings are still continuing in some areas, but overall the total area devoted to winter rapeseed will be the lowest in several years. Hibernation and the extent of winter-killing as well as spring plantings are key variables to watch. But, in any case, the failure of winter rapeseed plantings in many regions has already resulted in a significant deterioration of the 2016 rapeseed crop prospects in Ukraine.

      OIL WORLD WEEKLY of 18 September 2015...

      Sep 14: 
      Are 6-Year Lows in Soybeans Low Enough?

      Changes in the US crop sizes need to be watched but are unlikely to change the underlying fundamental picture. The increase of US soybean stocks expected in 2015/16 is likely to be the biggest since 2005/06. In that year US soybean exports also suffered a severe setback owing to strong competition from South America. Given the still large South American supplies and the lagging US export sales a similar scenario is shaping up this season.
      Back in 2005/06 soybean prices in Rotterdam stayed depressed at only around US-$/T 260-270 throughout the season, a level hardly comparable owing to today’s higher production costs.
      The transition to ample soybean supplies contributed to a 22% decline of US soybean prices in Rotterdam to an average US-$ 413 in Sept/Aug 2014/15. This week prices fell further to US-$ 364, the lowest level since December 2008. It is expected that the price erosion to a 6-year low will prompt many US farmers to store soybeans rather than selling promptly...

      OIL WORLD WEEKLY of 11 September 2015...

      Sep 04: 
      Indian vegetable oil imports may stay on a record level of 14.0 Mn T in 2015/16......

      Kharif oilseeds can still benefit from improved rainfall in the near term, but the outlook for central India includes very little rainfall in the next 10 days. The chances for a significant recovery of Indian vegetable oil production in 2015/16 have thus deteriorated. Furthermore, Indian soybean crushings will remain curtailed as long as soya meal export sales do not recover significantly. Another imponderable for the Indian vegetable oil import outlook is whether and to what extent import duties will be increased. Record vegetable oil stocks accumulated during April/Sept 2015 can lessen India’s dependence on imports in 2015/16 at least temporarily. Details in the WEEKLY of September 4

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