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• May 15 
Argentine biodiesel exports are picking up in May probably reaching 70-75 Thd T, the highest so far this year, but still trailing the year-ago level....

• May 08 
Ukraine sun oil exports declined noticeably by around 150 Thd T from last year in April. We expect a year-on-year decline ....

• Apr 24 
On the demand side, India will be boosting vegetable oil imports by 1.4 Mn T to a new record in Oct/Sept 2014/15, according to our revised projection, as outlined in the MONTHLY of April 24....

• Apr 17 
A bounce in the soybean market failed to prop up soya meal prices in the latest week...

• Apr 07 
Up-to-date Statistics Released for Key Commodities and Countries...

• Apr 02 
Current Strength in Soybean & Meal Futures May Be Short-lived Unless Weather Conditions Deteriorate...

• Apr 01 
OIL WORLD Data Base March 2015 Released...

Latest FLASH Report:
FLASH May 28 click for key items
In 2015/16 world production of rapeseed & canola
is likely to decline in the second consecutive year. Supplies will tighten . World crushings and stocks will decline. Our first projections (by country) in the FLASH... 
Latest WEEKLY Report:
MONTHLY May 22 (klick for key items)
World production of biodiesel will show the first decline ever
with a setback in the vicinity of 1.4 Mn T in Jan/Dec 2015. Palm oil is expected to remain the leading feedstock.. 


New Statistics Packages on Key Commodities and Countries :

Updated 27 March 2015: Soybean, Rapeseed, Sunseed, Palm Oil etc.  click for more...



The Data Base provides a compact statistical overview of world supply & demand... click for more...


  • Fish, Oil & Meal World   -- A new "vision" of the global fish meal and fish oil markets. This bi-weekly publication specializes in the analysis of the fish meal and fish oil markets and their relationship with other proteins and vegetable oils.

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World Market Prices in US-$/T


May 21

May 13

Rapeseed, cif Hamburg

434 My/Je
428 My/Je

Sunflower oil, cif Rotterdam

925 Je
  890 Je

Palmkernel oil, cif Rotterdam


RBD palm stearin, Malaysia, fob

605 Je
 615 Je

Soypell. 47%, Arg. fob

351 Je
346 Je
The commodities shown above are replaced occasionally. Prices of these and other commodities appear daily in the FLASH report. click for more...

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