MONTHLY Aug 12

    World Production Revised Upward for 2022/23

    Stocks of 7 oilseeds are currently forecast to be replenished and rise by 11.2 Mn T to a 4-year high of 115.7 Mn T at the end of the 2022/23 season.....

    World production of 7 oilseeds is estimated at 610 Mn T in 2022/23. This is 2.1 Mn T above our previous estimate a month earlier and it is 33.4 Mn T above a year earlier. Our forecast is based on the assumption of ...


  • 8 OILS & FATS

    MONTHLY Aug 12

    Large Increases in Supplies and Consumption Expected in 2022/23

    World supplies of vegetable oils are currently expected to increase sharply. Stocks of eight oils at the start of the new season may exceed the year-ago level by roughly 1.9 Mn T, depending on .....In addition, world production of eight oils is forecast to increase sharply by 6.8 Mn T next season, the biggest increase in five years...

    More details and updated OIL WORLD supply & demand estimates in the OIL WORLD Monthly...


    WEEKLY Aug 5

    World Olive Oil Prices Set to Rise

    A bullish price outlook has developed for next season following partly severe damage from heat and dryness in several important growing areas.... The biggest damage has occurred in Spain, primarily in the region of Andalusia where normally more than two thirds of the Spanish olive oil crop and one third of the world output is produced...

    World production of olive oil is now forecast to plunge by 0.5 Mn T on the year to... Mn T in Oct/Sept 2022/23, the lowest since 2016/17. Demand-rationing will be inevitable, resulting in considerably higher prices in the course of next season....


    WEEKLY July 22

    Rising US Usage Seen Tightening World Supplies

    The constant sharp increase of corn oil usage for biodiesel production in the USA is further tightening supplies available on the world market. This development is having significant repercussions on trade flows. Many traditional corn oil importers have been forced to shift to other origins or alternative vegetable oils....

    US corn oil exports will probably plunge to only around 200–210 Thd T in Oct/Sept 2021/22, versus 270 Thd T on average of the preceding three seasons....

  • EU-27

    WEEKLY July 8

    Vegetable Oil Exports Down Sharply in Jan/June 2022

    Combined EU exports of soya, sunflower and rapeseed oil are estimated to have dropped to only 1.0 Mn T so far this year, down 0.4 Mn T or 28% on the year.....

    EU rapeseed oil exports trailed the year-ago level by approximately 55-60% in Apr/June 2022, contrasting with ongoing large imports....


    June 2022

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    Prices of agricultural commodities have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels in recent months.  Our markets are struggling to cope with severe weather conditions, military conflicts, increasing government intervention and the global pandemic. Price-driven demand destruction has reduced imports in many countries.

    Uncertainty regarding the war in Ukraine, which has significantly curbed global trade flows of oilseeds, oils, oilmeals and grains from the Back Sea region, as well as ongoing below-potential palm oil production in Southeast Asia are likely to keep volatility unusually high.

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