FLASH Sept 15

    Canola Disposals To Decline Sharply in 2021/22

    Canadian canola disposals are set to plummet by more than 6 Mn T in 2021/22, significantly curbing world export supplies not only of canola but also of canola oil and meal....The bullish impact of this year’s crop failure is compounded by unusually low opening stocks of only....



    FLASH Sept 14

    Import Duties On Vegetable Oils Reduced

    The effective import duties on crude and refined vegetable oils were lowered by 5.5 percentage points on Sept 11... Overview of the current duty structure in the FLASH...

    Prices of rapeseed oil skyrocketed in India in recent weeks and still hovered at record levels of Rs 1770 per 100 kg on Sept 13. Indian rapeseed oil consumption is seen increasing by 9% to a record ... in Oct/Sept 2020/21...

  • 8 OILS & FATS

    WEEKLY Sept 10

    World Exports Plummeting in June and July

    World exports of 8 vegetable oils plummeted by 3.1 Mn T or 19% from a year earlier to a combined 13.4 Mn T in June and July....There are two major reasons for the unusually large decline in the world trade volume of vegetable oils lately...


    WEEKLY Sept 10

    Canola Exports Set to Increase Further in 2021/22

    Record sowings and partly exceptional growing conditions in June and July have set the stage for bumper Australian grain and oilseed crops in 2021.... Australian canola production is forecast to reach a record 5.0 Mn T in 2021/22, setting the stage for a further increase in exports....


    WEEKLY Sept 3

    World Exports Down Sharply in Jun/Aug

    Smaller than expected soya meal demand and soybean crushings are currently curbing US and worldwide soybean disposals....  We estimate world exports of soybeans at only 35-36 Mn T in June/August, down steeply by 8.5-9.5 Mn T from a year earlier...More details in the FLASH...

  • EU-27

    WEEKLY Aug 27

    EU Consumers Are Facing Reduced Supplies of Rapeseed Oil in 2021/22

    In the European Union consumption of rapeseed oil will be declining in the food and energy markets to 8-year lows in the 2021/22 season. Crushings started relatively slow and stayed below expectations in July and early August...

    Rapeseed oil is likely to continue to command price premiums over soya oil and sunflower oil in the months ahead in the EU-27 to discourage export sales and stimulate imports. For Oct/Sept 2021/22 we estimate consumption of rapeseed oil in the energy sector to...


    MONTHLY Aug 20

    Production Surplus Anticipated for 2021/22

    Production of 7 oilseeds is now estimated at 597.4 Mn T worldwide in 2021/22. This is a downward revision by 6.5 Mn T from a month earlier but still 27.3 Mn T above a year earlier... The weather will be the key variable to watch on the supply side. There are also many uncertainties in respect to demand of oilseeds and products.....


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    • Palm olein RBD, fob Mal
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    • Soya Meal, fob Arg
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    • Rape oil, Dutch, fob ex-mill