• 17 OILS & FATS

    MONTHLY June 24

    Sizable Production Surplus Currently Expected in 2022/23

    The prospects for global supplies of oils and fats in the upcoming season are highly uncertain, not least owing to the unknown repercussions of the war in Ukraine on production and trade flows. Extremely high vegetable oil prices prevailing in the first half of 2022 had initially provided strong incentives for bigger oilseed production in 2022/23...

    In our tentative outlook we forecast world production of 17 oils and fats to increase by about 3% or 7.1 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2022/23, reflecting the biggest increase in five years. .... Latest OIL WORLD estimates in the OIL WORLD Monthly....


    MONTHLY June 24

    World Production Forecast to Recover by 36 in 2022/23

    ....this is a significant improvement from the reduced global production volume of 584.7 Mn T in 2021/22, when detrimental weather conditions caused significant production losses of soybeans in South America and of 8 Mn T of oilseeds in Canada...

    World consumption of 10 oilseeds is forecast to rise by 14.6 Mn T to 608.3 Mn T. This is an above-average growth and compares with an increase of only 5.1 Mn T in the current season...


    June 2022

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    Prices of agricultural commodities have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels in recent months.  Our markets are struggling to cope with severe weather conditions, military conflicts, increasing government intervention and the global pandemic. Price-driven demand destruction has reduced imports in many countries.

    Uncertainty regarding the war in Ukraine, which has significantly curbed global trade flows of oilseeds, oils, oilmeals and grains from the Back Sea region, as well as ongoing below-potential palm oil production in Southeast Asia are likely to keep volatility unusually high.

    In these challenging times, fundamental market analysis is key to your success:  The OIL WORLD ANNUAL 2022 provides a detailed summary of the fundamental changes in oilseeds, oils & fats and oilmeals, both by country and commodity, with our revised supply and demand estimates for 2021/22 as well as the 2022/23 outlook.



    WEEEKLY June 17

    World Production of Groundnuts May Decline Sizably in 2022/23

    The world market for groundnuts and products may soon start the transition from surplus to deficit. Groundnuts are losing acreage to other crops considered more profitable by farmers. However, our current estimates for the season 2022/23 are only tentative since plantings in the southern hemisphere are only about to start. Sowing of groundnuts is almost complete in the US and other northern-hemisphere producing areas....


    WEEKLY June 10

    Prices Anticipated to Decline on Rising Global Export Supplies

    Palm oil is likely to be the price leader downward in the next six months, if our forecasts of a recovery in palm oil production in Indonesia and Malaysia materialize for the remainder of this year....

    Palm oil will regain market share in 2022/23, in our opinion, at the expense of soya oil and sunflower oil. We forecast world production of palm oil to recover by 2.9 Mn T from the below-potential output of 77.6 Mn T when labour shortages resulted in harvest delays and...



    WEEKLY June 3

    Global Oilseed Production Surplus of 13 Mn T Expected in 2022/23

    World production of 10 oilseeds is forecast to recover by 38.8 Mn T to a new high of 621.7 Mn T in 2022/23. This is a significant improvement from the reduced global production volume of 582.9 Mn T in 2021/22, when detrimental weather conditions (in most cases drought) significantly reduced yields and production....

    We forecast world crushings of 10 oilseeds to increase by 14.0 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2022/23. This is a significant change and exceeds the average annual growth of ... Mn T registered in the preceding 10 years....

  • Rapeseed & Canola

    WEEKLY June 3

    Bumper World Production Seen Pressuring Prices in 2022/23

    Rapeseed prices have become vulnerable to a setback. In early June, new-crop futures prices in Europe and Canada have still been supported by a weather-related risk premium and uncertainty regarding the actual crop size and export logistics in Ukraine.....

    World production of rapeseed & canola is seen increasing to a new high of 72.7 Mn T in 2022/23, implying a recovery of 7.5-7.6 Mn T from last year’s drought-reduced level. The by far biggest increase is forecast to occur in Canada, followed by the EU-27...

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