FLASH Oct 21

    Euorpean Lauric Oil Prices Up Sharply

    The recent rally in lauric oil prices occurred under the lead of palmkernel oil. The price premium of coconut oil versus its key competitor diminished from an average US-$ 306 in July (cif Rotterdam) to $ 100-115 in September and during Oct 1–20....

    Despite increasing production and export supplies in Southeast Asia, the supply squeeze in the nearby resulted in large premiums for afloat volumes of coconut oil in Rotterdam recently...


    FLASH Oct 19

    Indian Soya Meal Shortage Causing Domino Effect

    Domino Effect: INDIA turns into net importer of soyameal in Aug/Oct. ⇒ NEPAL steps up SBM imports from Bangladesh instead. ⇒ Rising exports to India/Nepal prompt BANGLADESH to impose export ban....


    WEEKLY Oct 15

    EU Crushings Set to Reach New High in 2021/22

    Larger than initially expected domestic production is setting the stage for record EU sunflowerseed processing in 2021/22, raising European supplies of sunflower oil and meal correspondingly.... The latest supply & demand estimates in the WEEKLY of Oct 15...

    Diverging fundamentals of the rapeseed and the sunflowerseed markets are expected to shift part of the existing EU processing capacity towards sunflowerseed in coming months. Significant increases are also shaping up in Romania, Hungary and France owing to sharply higher crops....


    FLASH Oct 13

    Large US Crop Pressuring Soybean Prices

    On the CBOT futures prices of soybeans and corn declined sharply on Oct 12. The larger than expected US soybean and corn crops and ending stocks, released by the USDA, triggered heavy fund selling across the board...

    US soybean stocks are estimated to recover to 11.7 Mn T at the end of August 2022, according to the latest OIL WORLD forecasts... More deatils in the FLASH...


    WEEKLY 15

    Malaysia Production Sharply Below Potential

    Palm oil production losses will remain high until the labour shortage is solved. The severe shortage of labour on many plantations is preventing timely harvesting and other crucial work. A large number of fresh fruit bunches are rotting in the fields. We assume that – nationwide – palm oil production has remained at least 10% below potential in the past four months....

    In September Malaysian palm oil production of 1.70 Mn T was down by 9% from last year...

  • EU-27

    Weekly Oct 8

    Rapeseed Oil Prices Reach New Highs

    Rapeseed oil quotations in Rotterdam skyrocketed to US-$ 1820-1850 in the nearby position on Oct 6, the highest price ever recorded and sharply above the level of around US-$ 1400 registered a month ago. Within the past 12 months, rapeseed oil prices virtually doubled....

    While the latest price move appears to be overdone, bullish fundamentals in the rapeseed complex are clearly outweighing bearish outside factors, viz. the anticipated increases in world supplies of sunflower oil and palm oil, limiting the ...


    Weekly Oct 8

    Rapeseed Disposals Up Sharply in Aug/Sept

    Soaring world market prices and limited export supplies in the rest of the world (primarily in Canada) facilitated record Ukrainian rapeseed disposals in July/Sept 2021.... Selected trade data in the FLASH...While the EU-27 was the by far largest destination for Ukrainian exports of rapeseed oil and meal in July/Sept, European crushers lost market share to rapeseed importers in the rest of the world so far this season...

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    • Oct 21
    • Palm olein RBD, fob Mal
    • 2180 D/Ja
    • Oct 21
    • Coconut oil, cif Rotterdam
    • 389 N
    • Oct 21
    • Soya Meal, fob Arg
    • 1795 N
    • Oct 21
    • Rape oil, Dutch, fob ex-mill