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World market prices of the major oilseeds, oils, fats, oilmeals and grains.

  • The surveys show lowest representative asking prices for nearest forward shipment.
  • Provided are weekly/monthly price quotations for the most recent 12 months/10 years, respectively.

For the full list of commodities covered see SAMPLE.


Prices of Major Commodities in the Past 12 Months

World market prices of the major oilseeds, oils, fats, oilmeals and grains.

Weekly prices and monthly averages in US-$/T until 18 July 2024 for the following commodities:


  • Soybeans, Brazil, cif Rott  

  • Soybeans, U.S., cif Rotterdam  

  • Soybeans, Argentina, cif Rott  

  • Soybean oil, US, fob Gulf  

  • Soybean oil,U.S.,fob Decatur

  • Soybean oil,Dutch, fob ex-mill  

  • Soybean oil, Brazil, fob  

  • Soybean oil, Argentina, fob  

  • Soy.meal,44/45%,Hmb,fob exmill  

  • Soy.pell, 47%, Arg, fob  

  • Soy.pell,44/45%,Arg,cif Rott  

  • Soy.pell,48%, Brazil, cif Rott  


  • Soya meal,yell,48%,Mumbai, fas  

  • Groundnuts, US Runners 40/50

  • Grnd'nt oil,any orig,cif Rott  


  • Sunseed, EU, cif Amsterdam  

  • Sunseed, fob Black Sea  

  • Sunoil, EU, fob N.W.Eur. ports  

  • Sunoil, Arg., fob  

  • Sunoil, fob Black Sea  

  • Sunmeal, Ukraine, DAF


  • Rapeseed,Europe,00,cif Hamburg  

  • Rape oil,Dutch, fob ex-mill  

  • Canola oil, fob Vancouver

  • Rape meal,34%,fob ex-mill Hamburg 


  • Corn oil, U.S., fob Midwest  


  • Olive Oil,Spain,Extra Virgin


  • Palm oil crude, cif N.W. Eur

  • Palm oil RBD, Mal, fob  

  • Palm oil crude, Indonesia, fob  

  • Palm olein RBD, Mal, fob  

  • Palm olein RBD, Mal, cif Rott  

  • Palm stearin RBD, Mal, fob  

  • Palm stearin RBD, Mal,cif Rott  

  • PFAD Malaysia, fob


  • Palmkern oil,Mal/Indo,cif Rott  

  • Palmk.exp,21/23%,Mal,cif Rott  


  • Copra, Phil/Indo, cif N.W.Eur  

  • Coconut oil,Phil/Indo,cif Rott  

  • Copra exp.pell. Phil, domestic  


  • Butter, Germany, 25kg, min 82%

  • Lard, EU, unrefined, 0.5%(e)  

  • Fish oil,any orig,cif N.W.Eur  

  • Fish oil, Peru, fob  

  • Fishmeal, 64/65%, Bremen fca(h)  

  • Fishmeal, Peru FAQ, fob  


  • Fishmeal fob Peru Super Prime  


  • Linseed,Can,No.1,cif N.W.Eur.(g)  

  • Lin oil,any orig,ex-tank Rott  

  • Lin meal,36%,Germany,fob Rhine  


Castor oil, ex-tank Rotterdam  

  • Tung oil,S.America,ex-tank Rotterdam

  • Tallow, Edible, US, fob Gulf  


  • Wheat,U.S.,No.2,SRW, fob Gulf  

  • Corn,U.S.,No.3,Yellow,fob Gulf  


Prices of Major Veg. Oils and Animal Fats in the Past 10 Years

World market prices of the major oils & fats

Monthly average prices from June 2014 until June 2024 (in US-$/T) for:

  • Soybean oil, US, fob Gulf    
  • Soybean oil,U.S.,fob Decatur    
  • Soybean oil,Dutch, fob ex-mill    
  • Soybean oil, Brazil, fob    
  • Soybean oil, Argentina, fob    
  • Grnd'nt oil,any orig,cif Rott    
  • Sunoil, EU, fob N.W.Eur. ports    
  • Sunoil, Arg., fob    
  • Sunoil, fob Black Sea    
  • Rape oil,Dutch, fob ex-mill    
  • Corn oil, U.S., fob Midwest    
  • Corn oil, U.S., fob Gulf    (until Apr 2020)
  • Olive Oil,Spain,Extra Virgin    
  • Palm oil crude, cif Rotterdam    
  • Palm oil RBD, Mal, fob    
  • Palm oil crude, Indonesia, fob    
  • Palm olein RBD, Mal, fob    
  • Palm olein RBD, Mal, cif Rott    
  • Palm stearin RBD, Mal fob    
  • Palm stearin RBD, Mal,cif Rott    
  • PFAD, Mal fob (only from Jan 2013 onward)
  • Palmkern oil,Mal/Indo,cif Rott    
  • Coconut oil,Phil/Indo,cif Rott    
  • Butter, Germany, 25kg, min 82%    
  • Lard, EU, unrefined, 0.5%  (until Dec 2021)
  • Fish oil,any orig,cif N.W.Eur    
  • Fish oil, Peru, fob    
  • Lin oil,any orig,ex-tank Rott    
  • Castor oil, ex-tank Rotterdam    
  • Tung oil,S.America,ex-tank Rot    
  • Tallow, Edible, US, fob Gulf


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