FLASH May 16

    Palm Oil Production to Slow in Apr/June

    Palm oil production is slowing down in the April/June quarter and will turn out below expectations. Following 5 quarters of significant year-on-year increases, palm trees are apparently taking a rest...

    We received several indications pointing to almost unchanged production as compared to a month earlier in the first half of May...


    WEEKLY May 11

    Soybean Crop Hit by Heavy Rainfall

    Another downward revision of the Argentine soybean crop is necessary. Heavy rainfall has stopped harvesting of soybeans on an estimated 2-3 Mn ha, located mainly in ...

    Heavy rainfall is expected to continue at least until May 11. The extent of the damage is still uncertain, but there is an increasing risk that the final crop will not even reach...


    May 2018

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    WEEKLY May 4

    Prices Under Pressure

    Peruvian production of fish oil & meal exceeded expectations in April, primarily a result of this year's early start of fishing and partly excellent daily landings in the 24 days to April 30...

    At an average 4.2% the fish oil yield turned out higher than expected, considering the reported high share of juveniles. Improving production prospects pressured fish oil prices in the five weeks to May 3, with Peruvian and European quotations dropping by roughly 25%...


    WEEKLY May 4

    Seasonal Increase in World Exports

    World exports of soya meal are picking up seasonally. In April exports of the major countries were up by an estimated 0.3-0.4 Mn T from a year ago contrary to significant year-on-year reductions in previous months.
    Brazil shipped an impressive 1.55 Mn T of soya meal, an 11-month high compared with...


    WEEKLY May 4

    Higher Import Duty on Soya Oil to Favour Palm Oil

    In the Federal budget for 2018/19 released on April 27 the import duty on crude soya oil was increased.  Pakistani importers will continue to prefer palm oil, considering the relatively wide price discount prevailing on the world market and the preferential import duties on crude palm oil and RBD palm olein staying unchanged...


    WEEKLY Apr 27

    Further Increase in Meal Prices in April

    Oilseed meal prices appreciated this week, getting support from indications that a further downward revision in the Argentine soybean crop may become necessary. Ongoing year-on-year reductions in Argentine and world exports of soya meal and insufficient supplies of most other meals contributed to further price strength...

    Palm oil prices declined by US-$ 20-25 in the three weeks to April 26 on prospects of another global production surplus in the second consecutive year... Palm oil and soya oil prices weakened during the past four months despite the increase in energy prices (Brent crude oil gained 12% since Jan)...

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