FLASH May 12

    Vegetable Oil Imports Up Sharply in Apr/May

    Vegetable oil imports are seen exceeding expectations in April/May, rising sharply on the year and adding to the steep increase already registered in Jan/March 2021....Iranian stocks of vegetable oils and oilmeals were very low at the end of last year, creating pent-up demand, which has...


    FLASH May 11

    Diverging Trends in Indian Meal Exports

    Tightening supplies of soya meal are contrasting with ampleness in rapeseed meal both on the domestic and export markets in the remainder of this season. Crushings of rapeseed were boosted to record levels in recent months, benefiting from ....In contrast, soybean crushings are curbed by tight supplies due to .....


    WEEKLY May 7

    World Exports Up 6% in April

    Argentine soya meal exports exceeded expectations in April and reached an estimated 3.0-3.1 Mn T compared with 2.27 Mn T a year earlier....The boost in Argentine soya meal exports more than offset reduced shipments from the USA and Brazil....


    WEEKLY May 7

    Record Canola Exports in March

    Exports of canola increased sharply to a record 760 Thd T in March, confirming preliminary trade estimates and more than doubling on the year. Not only the total volume shipped – the highest monthly volume ever recorded – but also the variety of destinations were quite exceptional.... More details in the WEEKLY

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    MONTHLY April 30

    High Prices Are Causing Demand Losses

    Prices of most major vegetable oils increased to 10-year highs recently. Stocks are still unusually low in some major importing and exporting countries. The total production growth continues to be impeded mainly by the downtrend in sunflower oil output and below-normal palm oil yields. The disequilibrium has been magnified by the US government’s efforts to push renewable diesel production...

    The US will be among the growth leaders with an expected increase in total consumption of eight vegetable oils of more than 0.8 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2020/21, compared to prospective demand increases of 0.9 Mn T in China and 0.6 Mn T in Indonesia, the latter also driven mainly by rising biodiesel production... Excluding the US, China and Indonesia, vegetable oil consumption in the rest of the world is seen decreasing by ... Mn T this season


    MONTHLY April 30

    World Stocks of Soybeans Not as Tight as Expected

    In the 2020/21 season the global production deficit of 7 oilseeds will be less severe than anticipated earlier. World production has been revised upward (mainly on account of Brazilian soybeans), while oilseed consumption has fallen short of expectations (primarily in China)....

    We now estimate world production of 7 oilseeds at 569.3 Mn T this season, approximately 15 Mn T above the unusually low level of 554.2 Mn T registered a year earlier. A sizable recovery by 18 Mn T in soybeans and of 3 Mn T in rapeseed & canola contrasts with substantial reductions by approximately in sunflowerseed and in cottonseed.....


    FLASH Apr 27

    Peruvian Quota at 2.5 Mn T in Apr/July 2021

    World supplies of fish oil and meal are set to remain relatively ample in Apr/Sept 2021, following the release of a comparatively large catch quota for the north/centre region of Peru. At 2.5 Mn T of fresh fish the quota is in line with market expectations and above the year-ago level of 2.41 Mn T.....Latest Peruvian supply & demand forecast for fish meal in the FLASH...

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