FLASH Aug 14

    EU Prices Expected to Rise

    European rapeseed prices are currently undervalued, in our opinion, in view of this season's prospective severe supply shortage. Latest official data indicate an even lower than previously estimated harvested area in...

    Further deteriorating EU supplies are currently not reflected in rapeseed prices with nearby futures on the MATIF up less than 1% in the month to August 13. Key implications of the diverging fundamental and price trends in the FLASH...


    FLASH Aug 13

    Palm Oil Stocks at 12-month Low

    Palm oil stocks declined to a 12-month low of 2.39 Mn T as of end-July 2019. Consumption outpaced production with total Malaysian palm oil exports up 1.4 Mn T from a year earlier in Jan/July, while production increased by 1.1 Mn T...

    Malaysian stocks of palmkernel oil were still high at the end of July ... We expect palmkernel oil stocks to decline in the next 12 months on account of a slowing-down of the production growth and on the assumption of a further increase in domestic use and exports...


    WEEKLY Aug 9

    Aggravating Trade Conflict

    China's current determinedness to curtail soybean imports from the US will further aggravate the shortage of imported soybeans in July/Dec 2019.  The country will need to buy additional volumes of US soybeans in the remainder of 2019 to avoid an aggravating shortage on the domestic market. 

    The soybean  shortage in China may lead to a supply shortage in South America towards the end of the year...


    WEEKLY Aug 2

    Oilseed Plantings Above Expectations

    Oilseed production and crushings are likely to exceed expectations in 2019/20, boosting output and export supplies of vegetable oils from the two former Soviet Union republics...

    Total plantings of the four major oilseeds turned out higher than assumed hitherto in Russia, primarily on account of sunflowerseed and linseed, while sowings of rapeseed fell partly short of expectations. This has led us to raise our estimate of this year's combined oilseed production to a new high of...


    WEEKLY Aug 2

    Tight Rapeseed Supplies Fuelling Imports of Rape Oil & Meal

    Imports of rapeseed & canola dropped by more than 50% in June, reducing cumulative arrivals in Jan/June to a six-year low of 1.9 Mn T. The severe decline in Chinese rapeseed & canola imports – at least until the current China/Canada trade conflict is resolved – will require ongoing large arrivals of rapeseed oil & meal also in the second half of the year, propelling combined imports to a new high in 2019....


    WEEKLY Aug 2

    Canola Disposals Falling Short of Expectations

    A pronounced decline of old-crop disposals and improving crop conditions continued to weigh on Canadian canola futures in the week to July 29....

    Combined Canadian canola exports and crushings reportedly dropped by close to 0.6 Mn T or 11% to a 4-year low of .... Mn T in Apr/June 2019, keeping stocks (primarily in the hands of farmers) at a burdensome level at the end of the 2018/19 marketing year....


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