WEEKLY Jan 22

    World Exports Declined in Oct/Dec 2020

    In December sizable year-on-year increases in soya meal exports from the USA, China and India could only partly offset the shortfall in South American exports....The tightness in Brazilian supplies as well as the strike-caused interruption of Argentine soya meal production and exports will result in lower than expected soya meal arrivals in many importing countries in January, primarily in Europe and Asia...


    WEEKLY Jan 22

    Ongoing Large Imports Oils & Fats in Dec

    Imports of oils & fats exceeded expectations in December, bringing the cumulation in Oct/Dec 2020 close to the year-earlier volume. Together with rising domestic output, this resulted in a sizable accumulation of stocks, despite higher consumption....


    MONTHLY Jan 15

    Global Production Deficit 2020/21

    The fight for acreage between oilseeds and grains will intensify in the northern hemisphere this spring. The USDA made massive downward revisions in this season’s US corn production and ending stocks...

     A downward revision of the US soybean crop and record exports are reducing US stocks to a minimum level at the end of this season. South American crops are turning out smaller than expected. The global production deficit in corn and soybeans is more severe than expected, reducing stocks worldwide more sharply than previously estimated in 2020/21...

  • 8 OILS

    MONTHLY Jan 15

    Shortage Seen Easing Only Gradually in 2020/21

    The recent high volatility in vegetable oil prices to some extent reflects the tug-of-war between the bullish fundamentals prevailing in recent months and improving supplies shaping up in the further course of this season....

    World production of eight oils forecast to increase by 4.7 Mn T but carry-in stocks were 1.7–1.8 Mn T lower than a year ago this season. Strong dependence on rising production of palm oil and soya oil.....


    FLASH Jan 12

    Palm Oil Production to Stay Below Potential in 2021

    Palm oil supplies are likely to remain tight in Jan/March 2021...Production is likely to stay below potential also in 2021. The shortage of foreign labour is a great challenge to the plantations and continues to result in production losses and quality deterioration....

    In Jan/Dec 2020 Malaysian palm oil production turned out smaller than expected at 19.1 Mn T, 0.7 Mn T below a year earlier. Output even fell to a 10-year low of only 4.55 Mn T in Oct/Dec 2020 with yields per hectare plummeting by...

  • EU-28

    WEEKLY Jan 11

    Rapeseed Production Set to Recover in 2021

    Larger winter rapeseed plantings are setting the stage for a further recovery in EU rapeseed production in 2021. Under the lead of Germany, this year’s total European rapeseed area is forecast to increase by 0.2 Mn ha to .... Assuming about normal weather conditions in coming months, we expect EU rapeseed production to increase by around 0.9 Mn T to 17.9 Mn T in 2021...

    However, unusually low old-crop stocks are likely to necessitate ongoing large imports of rapeseed & canola in July/June 2021/22...


    FLASH Jan 6

    Commodities Prices at Multi-Year Highs

    The price explosion of most oilseeds, vegetable oils and oilmeals during the past few weeks has been caused by ongoing detrimental weather and crop concern in South America as well as the sharper than expected decline in palm oil stocksand the strikes in Argentina (which reduced soya oil and meal exports by approx. two thirds) in Dec...

    In the first two trading days of this week prices of most vegetable oils continued to increase to new multi-year highs...  We consider it likely that fob export prices of palm oil will move closer to soya oil in the next 1-3 months...

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