• Palm Oil

    WEEKLY Apr 21

    Malaysian Palm Oil Production Up Sharply in 2017

    Malaysian palm oil production is likely to rebound strongly in Jan/Dec 2017. The extent of the increase is still uncertain. A major problem is to be seen in the ongoing labour shortage at the plantations, which is likely to prevent optimal harvesting rounds and lead to crop losses. Some plantation managers argue that the lack of labour will reduce the oil extraction rate, partly because loose fruit collection cannot be done successfully.

    The labour shortage and the aggravating age structure of oil palms are curbing palm oil yields below potential in Malaysia...

  • Soybeans

    FLASH Apr 20

    Argentine Soybean Plantings Likely to Decline in 2017/18

    Next season's soybean plantings will probably decline for the second consecutive year. At the moment corn is relatively more competitive in Argentina, which is contrary to the situation in the USA and other countries. Wheat plantings are estimated to rise to a 10-year high in 2017/18...

  • Fish Oil & Meal

    FLASH Apr 20

    Peruvian Quota Above Expectations

    Improving Peruvian production prospects are likely to pressure fish meal prices. The Peruvian government announced an anchovy catch quota of 2.8 Mn T for the Apr/July fishing season in the north/centre region. Although estimates had ranged between 2.0 and 3.0 Mn T, most market participants...

    For frequent updates on latest market developments check out the Fish, Oil and Meal World

  • China

    WEEKLY Apr 13

    Record Chinese Soybean Imports

    Chinese soybean imports are exceeding expectations. We now estimate arrivals in Jan/April at almost 28 Mn T, 4.5 Mn T more than in the same period of last year. If confirmed, Chinese soybean imports would reach almost 50.0 Mn T in Oct/April 2016/17...

  • Rapeseed

    WEEKLY April 7

    EU Rapeseed Imports Again High in 2017/18

    Despite an anticipated recovery in rapeseed production in the summer of 2017 by 1.0-1.3 Mn T, EU import requirements of rapeseed will remain unusually large at 3.5-4.0 Mn T in July/June 2017/18 to satisfy prospective requirements from the crushing industry...

  • Biodiesel

    WEEKLY Mar 31

    Biodiesel Production Forecast to Increase By 1.1 Mn T


    We tentatively peg world production of biodiesel at 34.7 Mn T in 2017.

    This implies a relatively small increase of 1.1 Mn T, following a boost of 4.0 Mn T in 2016...


    May 2017

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