FLASH Mar 4

    Record Oilseed Plantings Expected in 2021

    Oilseed plantings and production are expected to recover sizably in 2021, driven by very attractive prices and on the assumption of favourable weather conditions in coming months....

    We estimate that sowings of the 4 key oilseeds will reach a record 14.5 Mn ha in 2021, up 0.6 Mn ha from last year. Most of the expansion is expected to occur in sunseed, with plantings seen rising to a new high of....


    FLASH Mar 3

    Sun Oil Exports Lower in February

    Sun oil exports reached 485 Thd T in February, down 23% on the year (compared with a 17% setback in Jan 2021 and an increase of 2% in Dec 2020). Shipments to China rose from a year ago last month, while deliveries to the EU, India and Iraq plunged..... Selected trade data in the FLASH...


    FLASH Mar 2

    Veg Oil Prices Up Sharply in February

    Sun oil prices at 13-year high in early March. The premium vis-a-vis soya oil widened to US-$ 400 on the world market yesterday, reflecting sharply reduced production and export supplies as well as a lack of sellers....

    In February the OIL WORLD price index for edible oils continued to appreciate and jumped to 51% above the 5-year average (2015-2019) for the month. The index reached the highest level in 9 years. The price uptrend has been fuelled by the simultaneous tightness in palm oil, soya oil, sun oil, rapeseed oil and lauric oils, caused by lower than expected production and declining stocks....

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    FLASH Mar 2

    Dependence on Indonesian Supplies Increasing in 2021

    The world market will be more dependent on Indonesian palm oil in calendar year 2021 because of reduced Malaysian exports (which we estimate to decline by 0.8-1.0 Mn T from last year)....In January Indonesia exported 2.34 Mn T of palm oil (including PFAD), 0.45 Mn T above a year earlier and more than offsetting the...


    WEEKLY Feb 26

    World Supplies To Remain Tight in 2021/22

    Large plantings in Canada & Australia required to satisfy world demand for Rapeseed & Canola in 2021/22.... But sharply reduced opening stocks likely to keep world supplies unusually tight next season....

    Lower than initially expected winter rapeseed sowings in the EU-27, the UK as well as further decline in plantings in Ukraine have already curbed the potential for a sizeable recovery in production in 2021....


    WEEKLY Feb 26

    EU Imports Down Sharply in 2020

    European biodiesel imports from the four major origins plunged by 0.6 Mn T or 20% to 2.5 Mn T in Jan/Dec 2020. Imports from Argentina slowed down mainly in the fourth quarter when Argentine biodiesel production was curbed by .... but the biggest decline occurred in imports from Indonesia where biodiesel exports ...


    FLASH Feb 25

    Canola Futures Rallying

    Higher than expected canola crushings reported for January provided additional support in yesterday’s trading session, offsetting the risk of potential repercussions on Chinese imports of Canadian canola and products after ...

    Canadian canola crushings increased contra-seasonally to 916 Thd T in January, the highest level for that month and up 7% on the year....

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