FLASH 2

    World Exports Down Sharply in 2020

    World exports fell short of expectations in October. In Jan/Oct 2020 palm oil exports worldwide suffered an unprecedented decline by 4.3 Mn T or 9% to 41.0 Mn T. Virtually all of the decline occurred in Jan/May 2020, mainly on account of reduced shipments to India...

    Indonesian palm oil exports were smaller than expected and declined by 0.18 Mn T from last year in October...



    FLASH Dec 1

    Bullish Factors Already Largely Discounted?

    Prevailing bullish factors are already largely discounted by the unusually large price increases during the past 4 months in most oilseeds, vegetable oils and oilmeals. Since August fundamentals worldwide have become bullish due to lower than expected production and rising demand. It is indeed rare to have a simultaneous tightness in all the 4 major vegetable oils as well as the major oilseeds and oilmeals.

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    WEEKLY Nov 27

    World Production Set to Recover in 2020/21

    World market fundamentals are currently torn between the large production potential, defined by government quotas, and the risk of partly significant production shortfalls. At least in theory, favourable Peruvian production prospects (resulting from the large quota authorized) are setting the stage for a pronounced recovery of world production of fish oil & meal in Oct/Sept 2020/21....

    However, sharply reduced stocks in early October (primarily in China and Peru) are seen limiting the increase in world fish meal supplies this season....Statistical update in the WEEKLY report...


    FLASH Nov 25

    Record Canola Crush

    Crushings of canola increased further to 0.93 Mn T in October, up 6% on the year and the highest monthly volume ever recorded. Ongoing strong demand for canola oil & meal on the world market, promoted by tightening South American soybean supplies as well as insufficient production of sunflowerseed and palm oil, significantly improved margins...


    WEEKLY Nov 20

    Domestic Veg. Oil Prices Up Sharply

    In the four weeks to Nov 17, wholesale prices of groundnut oil and sunflower oil were up 6%, of cotton oil, soya oil and rapeseed oil up 10–14% and of RBD palm olein up 17%. Consumption picked up during the festival season but stayed significantly below normal levels according to local sources owing to the effects of the high prices and the COVID-19 crisis....

    Appreciating vegetable oils have as also raised prices of oilseeds and the income of Indian farmers.....


    WEEKLY Nov 20

    World Exports Declining in Oct/Dec 2020

    World exports of soya meal are estimated to decline by 0.4-0.5 Mn T from a year earlier in Oct/Dec 2020. Exports from South America are even seen falling by 1.1 Mn T, mainly owing to reduced crushings in Brazil and Argentina....

    US producers and exporters of soya meal are benefiting from the shortfall in South America....


    MONTHLY Nov 13

    World Oilseed Stocks Declining and Prices Rising

    World production of 7 oilseeds will fall short of expectations. We have reduced our estimate by 4.7 Mn T from a month earlier to 573.4 Mn T for this season, mainly on account of crop revisions in US and South American soybeans....

    World oilseeds stocks will decline in the course of this season, as projected consumption is likely to exceed production by 4-5 Mn T....

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