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    MONTHLY June 18

    Large Increases in Production & Usage Shaping Up in 2021/22

    This week's price erosion in the vegetable oil market was sparked by the question whether the bullish US biofuel policy will no longer fully apply...

    Particularly soya oil prices had been driven to unprecedented highs  in May and early June after supportive policies for production and usage of renewable diesel had been set in motion in the US, irrespective of supply and demand fundamentals and overheating an already tight vegetable oil market. Escalating prices were an alarm signal, reviving the food versus fuel debate and forcing US politicians to rethink their plans...

    The US biofuel policy is only one of the many uncertainties shaping conditions in the vegetable oil market in the foreseeable future....


    FLASH Jun 17

    World Production Seen Rising in 2021/22

    World production of soya meal is forecast to rise by 5.6 Mn to a new high of 256.5 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2021/22, contributing most to the prospective growth of output of the 12 major oilmeals. China is expected to account for the bulk of the increase in global soya meal production also next season, satisfying rising domestic demand for animal feed.....


    ANNUAL 2021

    Edible Oil Prices Likely to Decline Sizably in 2021/22

    The price outlook for the next 12 months is bearish, in our opinion, for vegetable oils, oilseeds and meals. In the just-released OIL WORLD ANNUAL 2021 we outlined the prospective world supply & demand fundamentals and came to the following conclusions for the 2021/22 season...


    June 2021

    Order Your OIL WORLD ANNUAL 2021 Now!

    The OIL WORLD ANNUAL is a unique encyclopedia of world forecasts and statistics for all major oilseeds, oils and fats as well as oilmeals. On more than 700 pages this comprehensive yearbook contains profound textual analyses, statistics and graphs for the latest five calendar years as well as for five Oct/Sept seasons. The ANNUAL also provides our first global supply and demand projections for oilseeds, oils/fats and oilmeals for the season 2021/22.

    In a special price section the reader is informed about monthly and annual world market prices and price relationships of the individual oilseeds, oils and oilmeals. The major price-making factors are analysed and on this basis an assessment is given for the price prospects of the key commodities on the world market.



    WEEKLY Jun 11

    Production Surplus Anticipated for 2021/22

    On the assumption of about normal weather conditions from now on, we anticipate world production of 10 oilseeds to increase by 34.0 Mn T from a year earlier to 615.2 Mn T in the world crop season 2021/22.....

     many countries farmers have reacted to the multi-year high prices and increased plantings as well as investments in fertilizers, pesticides and machinery to increase production and returns. Owing to reduced world stocks, there is a fight for acreage between oilseeds and grains, limiting the expansion in oilseeds.....



    WEEKLY Jun 11

    Large EU Imports Required in 2021/22

    Insufficient domestic supplies are expected to keep EU import dependence on rapeseed & canola comparatively high in 2021/22....

    Partly excellent weather conditions across key producing regions have reportedly improved this year’s European rapeseed production outlook....However, most of the prospective increase in production will be offset by unusually low stocks...


    WEEKLY Jun 4

    World Production Set to Increase by 2.1 Mn T in 2021

    World production of biodiesel is seen recovering pronouncedly this year, following a sideways trend in 2020. The uptrend occurring in 2021 primarily in the US, Indonesia, China and Brazil is aggravating the supply shortage of vegetable oils and has contributed to the increase in their prices to multi-year highs....Latest OIL WORLD estimates in the WEEKLY of June 4...

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