Global Supply, Demand and Price Outlook for Vegetable Oils as well as for Palm Oil

    Global Supply, Demand and Price Outlook for Vegetable Oils as well as for Palm Oil

    The following is a summary of major comments given by Thomas Mielke in his presentation at the Price Outlook Conference in Kuala Lumpur on March 8, 2017

                World consumption of oils & fats has been very strong with an average annual growth of 6.4 Mn T in the most recent 5 years, of which 1.6 Mn T used for the production of biofuels and 4.8 Mn T for other purposes (mainly for food). Biodiesel consumption accounts for approx. 15% of world consumption of all 17 oils & fats. During the past 25 years world production of 17 oils &fats increased by more than 150%. Palm oil accounted for most of the increase and now accounts for 30% of world production.


  • India

    FLASH Mar 23

    Imports of Veg. Oils Likely to Decline in 2016/17


    Rising domestic production, a slowdown of the consumption growth and a reduction of stocks are resulting in a decline of Indian vegetable oil imports in 2016/17. Total imports are seen decreasing by 03-0.4 Mn T from the record...

  • Soybeans

    FLASH Mar 21

    Record Brazilian Soybean Exports Expected in 2017

    Brazilian soybean exports are now estimated to be boosted to a new high of 61 Mn T in calendar year 2017, up 9.4 Mn T from last year! The increase in exports could be even higher, considering that the Brazilian soybean crop will rise by an estimated 12-15 Mn T... Also Brazilian soybean crushings were record high in early 2017. We estimate them at ...

  • Prices

    WEEKLY Mar 17

    Soybean Prices Are Testing the Downward Potential

     A 5% decline of soybean prices so far this month spilling over to other oilseeds & products. Palm oil prices firming temporarily due to improving demand and still tight supplies. Here are the key determinants that are crucial for the future price direction: 


    Soybean crop estimates in South America have increased massively in recent weeks. After revising our crop estimates we now expect South American soybean output to increase by 14-15 Mn T from last year and the increase may turn out even larger....


    World stocks of veg. oils are unusually low at the moment in absolute terms and relative to usage. The postponement of purchases and low exports of soya oil and palm oil have further reduced vegetable oil stocks in many importing countries....



  • India

    WEEKLY Mar 17

    Imports of Vegetable Oils

    In recent years Indian vegetable oil imports had declined more or less sharply in February, primarily as a result of seasonally low palm oil imports. This year the opposite occurred with total imports in February increasing to a 5-month high of 1.25 Mn T, up 13% from a year ago.

  • Palm Oil

    WEEKLY Mar 03

    World Palm Oil Imports to Increase Sizably in Apr/Sept 2017

    A clear-cut uptrend in world imports of 8 vegetable oils will be required in April/Sept to prevent a further decline in stocks in the importing countries...

    From April 2016 until March 2017 there will be a substantial global production deficit of 8 vegetable oils, according to our current forecast, which is likely to enforce an unprecedented decline in world stocks of 8 vegetable oils...


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