FLASH July 16

    Vegoil Stocks at 5-Year Low

    Declining imports caused a significant reduction of vegetable oil stocks in India in May and June. Stocks at ports and in the pipeline reportedly fell to only 2.15 Mn T at the end of June, a 5-year low for this time of the year. Considering also the prevailing uncertainty about this year’s kharif oilseed production and the upcoming festival demand, the low stocks are likely to necessitate a pronounced increase of veg. oil imports in July/Sept 2019...


    WEEKLY July 12

    World Exports Up Sharply in 2018/19

    World exports are boosted to record highs this season. In Jan/May 2019 they amounted to 5.3 Mn T, up an impressive 0.9 Mn T. Sunflower oil gained market share via attractive prices relative to rapeseed oil and soya oil....

    Biggest increases were noted to the EU-28, China, Iran and Turkey. As against this, combined exports of sun oil declined to India...


    FLASH July 10

    Future Prices Down Further

    In June palm oil production turned out to be smaller than expected at an 11-month low of 1.52 Mn T....

    But the initial reaction of the market to today's report was bearish and futures prices of crude palm oil declined on the BMD after the release of the June statistics, due to lower than expected exports of palm oil and biodiesel and only a slight month-on-month reduction in palm oil stocks.....


    May 2019

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  • UAE

    WEEKLY July 12

    Imports & Crushings of Rapeseed Down Sharply

    Following the severe decline already in July/Dec 2018, imports continued to trail the year-ago volume so far this year...Total imports were virtually cut in half to... Thd T in July/June 2018/19, the lowest level in more than 10 years...

    Subdued Indian import demand of rapeseed oil has reportedly slashed rapeseed processing margins in the UAE in the past 12 months....


    WEEKLY July 5

    Tight Rapeseed Supplies Boosting Imports of Rapeseed Oil

    Chinese imports of Canadian canola are declining sizably. In the month of May China imported only 165 Thd T of Canadian canola compared with 487 Thd T a year earlier. In June, July and August Chinese imports of Canadian canola will probably plunge by about one million tonnes....
    As Australia is largely sold out until new-crop supplies become available in November, there is only one alternative origin with sizable export supplies of rapeseed or canola...

    Chinese imports of Canadian canola oil and meal have not declined as sharply as imports of Canadian canola. Still, China purchased sizable quantities of rapeseed oil from other origins...

  • USA

    WEEKLY July 5

    Soybean Exports Down Despite Increases to China

    US soybean exports to China were boosted  in June and reached 3.3 Mn T in April/June (against 1.2). This followed a steep decline by ... Mn T in Sept/March 2018/19....

    However, sizable year-on-year reductions occurred in US soybean exports in May and June to the European Union as well as to Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Egypt. These reductions more than offset the year-on-year increases in US export to China during May and June....

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