Statistics Update

    Key Country Statistics 2019/20

    Our latest supply & demand statistics until 2019/20 are now available individually for the following countries:

    • Argentina
    • Brazil
    • U.S.A.
    • Malaysia
    • Indonesia
    • China
    • India
    • EU-28

    The statistics are excerpts from the latest OIL WORLD Data Base


    MONTHLY Sept 13

    Canola Supplies to Remain Tight in 2019/20

    Export supplies of Australian canola are likely to remain tight in 2019/20, following smaller than expected sowings reported by ABARES and forecasts of ongoing detrimental weather conditions in the weeks ahead...

    Sharply reduced old-crop stocks will additionally curb Australian canola supplies in Oct/Sept 2019/20, allowing only a small increase in  exports to 1.6-1.7 Mn T next season...


    WEEKLY Sept 6

    European Rapeseed Prices on an Uptrend

    Rapeseed prices appreciated in Europe yesterday, widening their premiums over sunflowerseed and soybeans....Calculated in US dollar equivalent, the premium of EU rapeseed futures over Canadian canola widened to US-$ 87. This is reflecting the tightness in the European Union...

     In our opinion, rapeseed futures on the Euronext of EUR 384.00 for Febr 2020 and EUR 381.75 for May 2020 do not reflect the fundamentals...


    WEEKLY Sept 6

    Increasing Soybean Imports in June/August

    China increased its share in the world imports of soybeans in the past three months. Despite reduced domestic requirements of soya meal and thus smaller crushings of soybeans (as a result of the sharply reduced pig numbers), the unusually low stocks of imported soybeans necessitated a pick-up in soybean imports. This is now confirmed in new shipment data from major exporting countries....


    WEEKLY Sept 6

    World Market Prices Under Pressure

    Olive oil prices have come under pressure during the past 6-8 weeks and are currently about one quarter below a year earlier... The recent bearish price trend occurred despite deteriorated 2019/20 Spanish production prospects...

    However, in many other countries pressed olive oil production will be much higher in 2019/20, above all Tunisia, sharply boosting olive oil export supplies. Increases are also shaping up in Italy, Greece and Portugal...


  • Asian Countries

    WEEKLY Aug 30

    Rising Vegoil Imports

    The outlook for Oct/Sept 2019/20 points to a further increase in imports of vegetable oils and animal fats in India, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Their combined imports are forecast to increase by 1.3 Mn T or 4%...


    WEEKLY Aug 30

    Record Oilseed Crush

    Combined processing of canola and soybeans more than doubled in the past ten years

    Canola crushings were up only marginally  while soybean processing increased by 7% in Aug/July 2018/19...

world price logo --- World Market Prices in US-$/T ---

    • 364 O
    • Sept 12
    • Soybeans U.S., cif Rotterdam
    • 675 O
    • Sept 12
    • Soya oil, fob Arg
    • 515 S/O
    • Sept 12
    • Crude Palm Oil, fob Indo
    • 730 O/N
    • Sept 12
    • Coconut oil, cif Rotterdam