• C. & S. America

    FLASH Feb 26

    Palm Oil Exports Down Sharply in Oc/Dec 2019

    Palm oil exports plummeted by almost one quarter from a year earlier in Oct/Dec 2019 in 5 major palm oil producing countries on account of reduced production. Production plummeted by 19% to 900 Thd T in Oct/Dec, reducing combined output to a 3-year low of .... in 2019... More details and trade data in the FLASH....


    FLASH Feb 25

    Ongoing Trade Dispute Limiting Exports to China

    Scheduled talks to resolve the trade conflict with China have reportedly been postponed. The unresolved trade dispute is likely to limit Canadian canola exports to China to 100-200 Thd T per month ...


    MONTHLY Feb 21

    Upward Revision in World Oilseed Production

    We have raised our estimate on world production of 7 oilseeds to 556.0 Mn T for this season. The global production deficit is less severe than expected also because of a below-average growth in consumption. We have made a slight downward revision in our estimate of world soybean consumption and slightly raised our demand estimate for sunflowerseed and rapeseed.... 

    The South American soybean crop is turning out higher than expected. But soybean exports from Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay have been comparatively small so far and did not come up to the levels suggested by the large vessel line-up....

  • 8 OILS & FATS

    MONTHLY Feb 21

    Consumption Slows Down But Supplies Still Tight

    Vegetable oil use revised downward mainly in China and India. Some pent-up demand expected to unfold in April/Sept.....

    World usage of eight vegetable oils is expected to reach 203 Mn T in 2019/20. This is roughly 4 Mn T below our current production estimate. World output of eight oils may increase by only 0.9 Mn T this season, down from a growth of 4.3 Mn T in 2018/19....


    FLASH Feb 19

    Consumption Veg. Oils Revised in 2019/20

    Consumption and imports of oils and fats will probably not reach our earlier estimates in 2019/20. This is mainly attributable to relatively high prices, restrictions on palm oil imports and a slowdown of the economic growth....Details discussed in the FLASH...


    WEEKLY Feb 14

    Exports Trending Lower

    World exports of soya oil are likely to turn out smaller than assumed hitherto at least in the first few months of 2020 primarily owing to a larger than expected decline of Argentine production.

    Soya oil from 5 key countries were 18% lower than a year ago in January. However, shipments to India were boosted to...


    WEEKLY Feb 7

    Changing Trade Flows

    If the current trade conflict persists, Malaysian palm oil exports to India may plunge by 2.7 Mn T in Jan/Sept. The decline will turn out even bigger if small export volumes similar to those shaping up in January and February, are also registered in subsequent months.

    Instead, we expect Indonesian palm oil exports to India to increase by 2.5–2.6 Mn T. Given the prospective limited export supplies, we assume that in this scenario Indonesian palm oil exports to all countries other than India will decline steeply. This development will create additional demand to be satisfied by Malaysian exporters...

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