FLASH Apr 14

    Insufficient Production of Tallow

    World supplies of tallow & greases were highly insufficient to satisfy the requirements of biofuel producers in several key countries in early 2021. Exports of the six major countries virtually stagnated in Jan/Febr, while the price premium of tallow versus palm stearin on the world market widened ....


    WEEKLY April 9

    Recovery in EU Production Insufficient to Ease Tightness

    Record imports of rapeseed & canola will again be required next season. Risk of weather-related production shortfalls in Canada and/or Australia key price-determining factor in coming months....

    Total EU-27 rapeseed production is now forecast to increase by only 0.3 Mn T in 2021. EU rapeseed supplies are set to remain tight also in 2021/22, taking the expected further decline in carry-over stocks to or even below 0.8 Mn T into account (down 0.2 Mn T). ....


    WEEKLY Apr 1

    Exports of 4 Major Oils Declining Further in 2020/21

    World exports of the four major vegetable oils are currently forecast to decline by 1.2–1.3 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2020/21, following a setback by 1.1 Mn T in 2019/20. The continuing downtrend of the global trade volume stands in striking contrast to the sharp expansion witnessed in preceding years....


    WEEKLY Apr 1

    Crush Seen Rising Sharply

    Export sales of soya oil and meal have increased sharply, pushing soybean processing to record highs for this time of the year. We estimate Argentine soya oil exports at ...


    POC 2021

    Edible Oil Prices Expected to Weaken in Apr/June

    After establishing new multi-year highs, edible oil prices are likely to be close to their peak, as the bullish fundamentals should be (largely) discounted. Prices are set to start weakening in the Apr/June quarter followed by a further setback in July/Dec, Thomas Mielke outlined on 24 March in his presentation at the virtual POC 2021 (organized by Bursa Malaysia) ...


    WEEKLY Mar 26

    Imports of Oils & Fats Exceed Expectations

    In Oct/Sept 2020/21 Chinese imports of oils & fats as well as of grains will exceed earlier estimates. We now estimate domestic consumption of 17 oils & fats to rise by 1.2 Mn T this season to 41.2 Mn T, following a below-average growth last season. Larger quantities are required in the food industry. In addition, more soya oil and palm oil are used as ingredients in compound feeds, production of which is rising sizeably.  Further growth is also expected in the oleo-chemical industry....


    WEEKLY Mar 19

    World Production Set to Recover in 2021

    Production of biodiesel and HVO is seen increasing this year in several key countries. This is contrasting with limited supplies of oils and fats, which are seen increasing by only 0.9% in Oct/Sept 2020/21 according to our estimates shown in the MONTHLY of March 12. Shortages have developed in all feedstock categories, i.e. primary veg. oils, animal fats (mainly tallow/greases) and used cooking oil (UCO).....

    Demand for vegetable oils and other feedstock from the biodiesel industry is to a large extent determined by mandates and is therefore rather price-inelastic. This is compounding the problems for the oilseed and vegetable oil markets to balance supply and demand... Latest OIL WORLD estimates by country in the WEEKLY of March 19...

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