FLASH Jan 16

    Exports of Rapeseed Set to Drop in Jan/June 2019

    Rapid disposals of the 2018 Ukrainian rapeseed crop have sharply curtailed supplies available for export and crushings in Jan/June 2019. Arrivals of Ukrainian rapeseed at EU ports are therefore going to dry up in coming months...

    For Ukrainian rapeseed farmers the 2018/19 season has become very successful, not only because of record production but also as a result of increased EU import demand for rapeseed, oil & meal...


    FLASH Jan 15

    Low Veg Oil Imports Further Curb Stocks

    A steep increase of palm oil imports contrasted with a further decline of soya oil imports in late 2018. Low world market prices and relatively low domestic stocks promoted rising palm oil purchases. The reduction of import duties in early January is expected to keep Indian palm oil import demand elevated in the near-term...

    A significant increase of palm oil stocks at Indian ports in December was more than offset by a depletion of soya oil stocks, reducing total inventories to a multi-months low at the end of December..


    FLASH Jan 15

    Deal With the EU May Revive Argentine Biodiesel Exports

    A potential settlement of the trade dispute with the EU may result in higher than expected Argentine output and exports of biodiesel in 2019, promoting soya oil consumption for esterification purposes and thus raising competition with Argentine soya oil exporters for available supplies...

    In recent days the European Commission indicated that Argentine producers and exporters of biodiesel might be excluded from possible import duties if they agree to sell their methyl ester to the EU not below a predefined minimum price....


    MONTHLY Jan 11

    World Soybean Production Smaller than Expected in 2018/19

    Irreversible soybean crop damage has occurred in the Brazilian states of Parana, Mato Grosso do Sul and parts of Mato Grosso from unusually dry weather during December and partly also so far in January. Soil moisture shortages are also widening in the northern and northeastern soybean growing areas and if forecasts of ongoing below-normal rainfall materialize for the remainder of January, additional crop damage will occur.  We have reduced our Brazilian soybean crop estimate to 117.5 Mn T, reflecting a downward revision by 5.5 Mn T from our estimate a month earlier and below last year's production of about 120.7 Mn T...

    World production of 7 oilseeds will turn out smaller than expected hitherto. Our new forecast of 571.5 Mn T is 5.6 Mn T below our previous estimate released on Dec 14 but it is still 15.7 Mn T above last season. Also, it will be in excess of anticipated consumption. If our current supply & demand estimates materialize, world stocks of 7 oilseeds will set a new record...

  • 8 OILS & FATS

    MONTHLY Jan 11

    Production Growth Seen Slowing Down to 5 Mn T in 2018/19

    World production of the eight major vegetable oils is forecast at 196.2 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2018/19. The increase of 5.0 Mn T compares to 9.4 and 13.7 Mn T in the preceding two seasons. The slowdown is largely attributable to palm oil and soya oil, production of which is seen increasing by only ... Mn T and .... Mn T, respectively. This will be only partly offset by large production growth in sunflower oil of an estimated 1.1 Mn T....

    The anticipated slowdown of the production growth contrasts with an acceleration of demand. World consumption of eight major oils is estimated at....The diverging developments of production and consumption will cause a reduction of vegetable oil stocks from burdensome levels in coming months...


    FLASH Jan 9

    Sunflowerseed Production Lower than Expected

    Production is likely to fall short of expectations in early 2019, albeit still reaching a multi-year high of 3.67 Mn T (up 0.27 Mn on the year). The year-on-year increase in Argentine supplies will probably be even larger owing to a sizable accumulation of stocks in 2018... Updated balance in the FLASH



    Major Price Changes in 2018

    The vegetable oil market was dominated by the downtrend of palm oil prices which fell to a 12-year low of US-$ 598 on average of Jan/Dec 2018 (cif Rotterdam). Monthly prices showed an uninterrupted decline from $ 681 in March to $ 475 in November (-30%), reflecting a sharp increase of world production in the second consecutive year, coinciding with unusually weak demand from key importers, e.g. India and Nigeria, and raising stocks...

    Detailed analysis of major price changes of major oilseeds, oilmeals and veg. oils in 2018 in the OIL WORLD WEEKLY of Jan 4. For updated monthly average prices of major veg. oils and animal fats from Dec 2008 until Dec 2018 click below...

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