WEEKLY Mar 15

    World Production Lower Than Initially Expected in 2018/19

    World production of corn oil is seen falling short of expectations and possibly even declining on the year in Oct/Sept 2018/19 after nine seasons of uninterrupted increases...

    In the US the ongoing downtrend of corn consumption in wet milling has recently also been accompanied by the reduction of corn usage by dry millers. This curtailed domestic production of corn oil to 0.87 Mn T in Oct/Jan 2018/19...


    FLASH Mar 14

    Boost in Spanish Output Pressuring Prices

    Spanish olive oil producers are dissatisfied with current prices of  olive oil which are down sharply from a year ago. However, the price decline did not come unexpected. During the past 2-4 months we repeatedly pointed to the bearish outlook, giving reference to the very large production and rising stocks...

    Spanish olive oil production will be boosted significantly to almost 1.9 Mn T...


    WEEKLY Mar 8

    Chinese Trade Restrictions on Canadian Canola

    Major disruptions of the trade flow between Canada and China are to be expected in coming months after Chinese authorities this week implemented import restrictions. There are reports about a pronounced slowdown of Chinese canola purchases in Canada. The duration of the conflict is unforeseeable, but the longer it lasts, the more likely it will affect Canadian plantings for and disposals in 2019/20....

    The threat of losing the Chinese market at least temporarily is compounding the outlook for unusually large canola carry-out stocks in Canada in July, even more so if Canadian exports of canola oil and meal to China and thus crushings are also affected. There are only few additional outlets for Canadian canola as EU-28 imports from Canada are limited by EU sustainability criteria in the biofuels sector, even if price...


    WEEKLY Mar 8

    Rising World Exports

    World exports of the four major vegetable oils were unusually large at more than 7 Mn T in January according to preliminary data, roughly 1.2 Mn T more than a year ago. Exports of palm oil increased by about 0.7 Mn T...

    The price lows seen in palm oil and soya oil in late 2018 promoted demand. Some pent-up demand had been created by...

  • EU-28

    WEEKLY Mar 1

    Strong Vegoil Demand

    EU consumption of vegetable oils exceeded expectations in Jan/Dec 2018, fuelled by the growth of demand for biodiesel, which apparently could not be fully satisfied by the spectacular uptrend of EU biodiesel imports...

    However, owing to the sizable increase of domestic production EU imports of oils & fats declined by 3% to 12.1 Mn T in calendar year 2018, primarily due to the setbacks in sun oil and palm oil...



    WEEKLY Mar 1

    Larger Rapeseed Crop to Curtail Veg. Oil Imports

    Indian rapeseed production will exceed expectations and may reach a record level of at least 8.0 Mn T in 2019, up from 7.1 Mn T last season and compared to the latest 5-year average of 6.3 Mn T...

    A crop of this magnitude may curb Indian imports of vegetable oils in coming months below initial estimates. Much will depend on...


    WEEKLY Feb 22

    Supply Shortage Looming

    World supplies will tighten in 2019 and stocks of both castorseed and oil will be depleted in the producing and importing countries within the next 8-10 months. With a relatively small Indian crop, world production of castorseed will fall to a 12-year low.

    Crushings and oil output will drop below trend, making demand rationing inevitable this season...

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