FLASH Mar 31

    Biodiesel Output Set to Decline in 2020

    Production of biodiesel from soya oil is currently squeezed by several factors: Following large shipments in March, exports of biodiesel may largely come to a standstill in April/May owing to shrinking demand from Europe....

    Furthermore, domestic consumption will decline owing to shrinking diesel usage during the movement restrictions currently prevailing in Argentina...Poor demand for SME will curb domestic consumption of soya oil correspondingly...


    MONTHLY Mar 27

    South American Soybean Prod. & Exports Below Expectations

    South American exports of soya meal and oil are falling short of expectations. We have made a downward revision by 2.2 Mn T from a month earlier in our soybean crush estimates for Argentina and Brazil in Jan/Sept 2020,  most of which in March and April....

    We now estimate world production of soybeans at 338.6 Mn T, down 4.2 Mn T from a month and 21.3 Mn T from a year earlier...World production of 10 oilseeds is falling to a 3-year low of 562.3 Mn T in 2019/20, implying a decline by 18.7 Mn T from last season. Most of that shortfall, however, was cushioned by record carry-in stocks of 127 Mn T, which is limiting the decline in world oilseed supplies to just 3 Mn T....

  • 17 OILS & FATS

    MONTHLY Mar 27

    World Consumption Curbed by COVID-19 Crisis

    The global pandemic is having severe repercussions on supply, demand and prices of oils and fats. We have made major adjustments to our balance sheets but with still many unknowns the assessment of the effects can only be tentative at this time...

    The biggest impact stems from the energy market of which vegetable oils and animal fats have become an integral part in recent years. The unprecedented erosion of fuel consumption currently taking place in Europe, North America and other regions is reducing demand for biofuels steeply. Plunging biodiesel prices and eroding margins already forced some biodiesel producers to temporarily stop or curtail production....

    Furthermore, lockdowns imposed in many countries are curbing vegetable oil consumption below potential with  parts of the food service and  restaurant sector largely paralyzed...



    FLASH Mar 25

    EU Biodesel Demand Slashed by Corona

    Biodiesel consumption in the European Union is currently falling more sharply than expected due to the various government measures to restrict movement and also due to reduced industrial production. Total demand for diesel fuel and gasoline is reportedly plummeting by at least....

    Reduced consumption of diesel fuel (gas oil) reduces admixture of biodiesel. As a result, stocks of biodiesel are accumulating, biodiesel producers have reduced ....


    WEEKLY Mar 20

    Net Exports from C&S American Countries to Drop in 2019/20

    Declining palm oil supplies are likely to result in a reduction of net exports by a combined 180-200 Thd T in Oct/Sept 2019/20. Most of the decline in net exports is likely to occur in Ecuador... Latest trade data Guatemala, Honduras and Ecuador in the FLASH...


    WEEKLY Mar 20

    Palm Oil Production & Exports Affected by Coronavirus

    The Malaysian government has declared a movement control order to curb the spreading of the coronavirus. Initially the order also paralyzed the Malaysian palm oil industry.  Fresh fruit bunches (FFB) need to be harvested in time and processed within 24 hours to avoid quality losses.

    But according to a further official announcement, harvesting and processing can be resumed in Malaysia from tomorrow onward. The compromise is welcomed by plantations and smallholders. The announcement triggered a reversal of the price trend and futures on the BMD....


    WEEKLY Mar 13

    Soybean Imports Expected to Recover by 8 Mn T in 2019/20

    We now estimate Chinese imports of soybeans to recover to 91 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2019/20, up 8.4 Mn T from the depressed level last season. We assume that ... Mn T of soybeans will arrive from the USA this season...

    Considering the quantity already shipped, our forecast implies that an additional ...Mn T of soybeans will have to be exported from the USA to China in March/Aug 2020....details in the FLASH...

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