FLASH Apr 24

    Prices Back at 10-Year Lows

    This week coconut oil in Rotterdam was quoted at around US-$/T 660 for June/July shipment, thus returning to the lows of mid-March and representing the lowest level in 10 years....
    Subdued demand and ample to burdensome supplies of palmkernel oil have exerted renewed price pressure. However, in the Philippines the pronounced slowdown of coconut oil and meal exports in Jan/March probably points...


    WEEKLY Apr 18

    Record Spanish Production Weighing on Prices

    In Spain olive oil prices have fallen to a 5-year low in April 2019 in response to higher than expected production and accumulating stocks. Spanish exports have increased but did not yet fully reach expectations in recent months. In contrast, supplies are currently tight in Italy as well as in Greece and Tunisia. Global trade flows will be changing this season...

    Consumption of olive oil will continue to recover worldwide in Oct/Sept 2018/19, stimulated by large Spanish supplies and reduced prices....


    FLASH Apr 16

    Veg Oil Imports Up Sharply in March

    Total imports of the major vegetable oils exceeded the year-ago level by 28% in March and by 12% in Jan/March 2019. Sunflower oil imports reached an all-time high of...

    Imports of RBD palm olein almost doubled on the year in March, while soya oil arrivals rockted in line with expectations to a six-month high...


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    WEEKLY Apr 12

    Canadian Canola Market in Motion

    The ongoing trade conflict between the two countries continues to largely block exports of Canadian canola to China and also shipments of canola oil and meal are apparently affected... The situation is becoming more and more critical for Canadian farmers with still record large volumes of the 2018 crop in the bins, low prices, and plantings of the 2019 crop about to start...

    We lowered our estimate of total Canadian canola disposals to 18.6 Mn T for Aug/July 2018/19, 1.5 Mn T less than a year ago. Under this assumption carry-out stocks may accumulate to a burdensome level of


    WEEKLY Apr 12

    Rising Soybean Demand

    Soybean imports and processing continue to increase steeply. Imports reached about 0.7 Mn T in Nov/Jan and are seen increasing to 1.0–1.1 Mn T in Feb/April 2019. We expect them to reach at least 3.3 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2018/19...


    WEEKLY Apr 5

    Soybean Imports Even Lower than Expected

    There is concern in South America about declining Chinese soybean purchases. As a result, total Brazilian soybean exports are likely to fall below expectations and also below last year in the April/June quarter...

    Chinese soybean imports and crushings will probably turn out smaller than expected in calendar year 2019 because of the developments in the pork industry. Sharper than expected reductions of pork numbers will reduce compound feed requirements. Although this is partly offset by ....

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