WEEKLY April 13

    Crushers Scrambling for Soybeans

    Argentine crushers are obviously scrambling for supplies and reportedly bought soybeans from the US and Brazil recently. However, rallying prices in Brazil are likely to limit sales.

    With total imports of soybeans from Brazil, the US and Uruguay probably limited to 0.7–0.9 Mn T, Argentina will need to step up soybean imports from Paraguay...


    WEEKLY April 1§

    Export Prospects April/Sept

    World exports of soya meal will be curbed below previous expectations and may fall to a 5-year low in April/Sept 2018. Steep decline of Argentine exports can be offset only partly by larger shipments from other origins.

    Competitiveness of Chinese soya meal on world market has deteriorated significantly...


    WEEKLY April 13

    Declining Exports

    Soya oil exports from the 4 key countries declined by 0.16 Mn T last month primarily on account of the US and Argentina. The uptrend in usage as biodiesel feedstock is likely to curb soya oil export supplies of Brazil and the US also in coming months, raising import demand for alternative oils on the global market, mainly for palm oil.

    The pace of Argentine soya oil exports in Apr/Sept 2018 will depend on...


    WEEKLY April 6

    Possible Effects of Import Duty

    Even under the assumption that China takes 90% of the prospective Brazilian soybean exports in Apr/Dec, cumulative Chinese soybean imports from South America would add up to “only” about 67 Mn T in 2018.

    There is still a supply gap of around 23 Mn T which has to be filled by the USA, if Chinese soybean imports turn out close to...


    FLASH Apr 4

    Threat of High Import Taxes on US Soybeans

    Soybean futures plummeted by 40-50 cents in overnight trading on the CBOT in response to today's announcement that China is planning to impose an additional 25 percentage points on the imports of US soybeans (on top of the current general import duty of 3%). The Chinese Customs Tariffs Commission of the State Council has decided to impose a 25% tariff on 106 commodities imported from the USA, such as soybeans, airplanes, automobiles and chemicals.

    The implementation date of these taxes has not yet been announced but the futures markets are already reacting. Here are some of the implications and possible repercussions...


    WEEKLY Mar 29

    South American Output Seen Falling by 16 Mn T

    The crop damage in Argentina is reaching unforeseen dimensions.  Rainfall in March was again sizably below normal for the fourth consecutive month. For the whole country it has been the most severe drought in at least 30 years – in some regions it is now considered to be the worst in 80 or even 100 years...

    We have now reduced the Argentine soybean crop to only 38.5 Mn T (down 16.1 Mn T from last year), but raised the Brazilian crop to 116.0 Mn T (up 1.9 Mn T from last year) due to better than expected yields in the northern states and crop recovery following beneficial rainfall in Rio Grande do Sul...

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