FLASH Oct 18

    Sharply Rising Soybean Crush

    Rising domestic soya meal demand stimulated a noticeable expansion of the oilseed industry in Mexico. Crush capacity was significantly expanded and further
    growth is ahead.

    We estimate soybean crushings at 5.2 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2018/19 compared with 4.85 Mn T a year earlier and 4.1 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2015/16. Soybean imports are rising accordingly...


    FLASH Oct 17

    Tightening Soya Oil Supplies

    In Brazil soya oil supplies will tighten in the next 2-3 months as a result of a severe decline of crushings and strong domestic demand. Biodiesel production will continue to exceed the year-ago level, requiring larger quantities of oils & fats as feedstock and possibly leading to soya oil imports...


    FLASH Oct 16

    Booming US Crushings

    US soybean crushings progressed rapidly in September, exceeding the August volume (which is unusual) and rising by as much as 18% on the year. The ongoing elevated processing margins and huge US supplies of soybeans have indeed resulted in a reallocation of soybeans from exporters to crushers...


    WEEKLY Oct 12

    Bullish Price Outlook For Castor Oil

    Prices are likely to rise sharply if current indications of Indian production of castorseed falling to or below ... Mn T next season materialize, compared with 1.45 Mn T in early 2018. The Indian crop will receive a double blow from reduced plantings and unfavourably dry weather in several parts of Gujarat, an important growing area. Also, old-crop carry-over stocks will be comparatively low at the start of the new season...


    WEEKLY Oct 12

    Domestic Soya Meal Prices Up Sharply

    The rally in Chinese soya meal prices continues to be driven by concerns that supplies will tighten due to escalating trade tensions between the US and China. On the Dalian Commodity Exchange the most-traded Jan 2019 soya meal futures closed at a new contract high of Yuan/T 3485 on Oct 10 compared with 3168 a month earlier.

    The Chinese Feed Industry Association is reportedly considering to cut the amount of protein required in pig feeding, providing....


    WEEKLY Oct 12

    Exports of Rape Meal to China About to Start

    Export sales of Indian rapeseed meal to China will soon be allowed, according to.... With Indian stocks of rapeseed/mustardseed still comparatively high, meal export sales would give crushings a boost...

    China may turn into a major export market for Indian rapeseed meal and soya meal. If authorization is finally given for the two meals, combined Indian shipments to China could reach.... Thd T a month...


    WEEKLY October 5

    World Production to Rise by 4 Mn T in 2018

    World production of biodiesel is estimated at roughly 39.9 Mn T in 2018 (including HVO). This year's production is about 10 Mn T or one third higher than three years ago when high feedstock prices curbed production. The steep increase of biodiesel production in 2018 by approximately 4 Mn T is favoured by a combination of these factors:

    • Ample world supplies of vegetable oils in general and of palm oil in particular have led to competitive pricing in the energy sector, promoting the fulfilment of mandates and....
    • Mandatory admixture of biodiesel has increased this year in key countries, above all in...

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