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Chinese Oil World

新的报告  《中文油世界》 --------中文版

我们很高兴地宣布, 《中文油世界》周刊中文版与大家见面了!

该周刊为每周一期的《油世界》中文版, 为订阅者提供全球油籽、植物油、动物油以及油粕市场供求关系的专业分析,为您提供巴西、阿根廷、美国、加拿大、 印度尼西亚、马来西亚和其它诸多国家生产和出口情况的最新信息和预测。在《中文油世界》周刊里, 您还可以看到关于一些关键国家的商品价格预测及特殊的分析。

 我们的新报告主要是针对 - 位于中国或其他地方 - 想用中文阅读我们市场报告的用户。

位于中国大陆的用户,如果需要详细的信息,包括前两期的报告样本,请联系我们在中国的业务合作伙伴威海龙马农业信息 咨询有限公司, 邮箱:。大陆以外的用户请联系我们德国公司,邮箱:



Chinese OIL WORLD - in Mandarin

We are happy to offer an OIL WORLD market report in Mandarin only, providing global supply & demand analyses of oilseeds, vegetable oils & fats and oilmeals as well as latest information and forecasts on production and export supplies of Brazil, Argentina, the USA, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia and other key countries. The "Chinese OIL WORLD" analyzes price prospects and the supply and demand outlook for key countries and commodities.

The report is sent twice a week and is addressing particularly readers in China or elsewhere who prefer to read our market information in Mandarin.

If you are interested in a subscription and located in China Mainland, please contact our business partner Weihai Longma Agricultural Information Consulting Co Ltd. / PR China at or visit them at

If you are located outside China Mainland, please be invited to contact the OIL WORLD team in Hamburg/Germany at for any subscription details.