FLASH Apr 25

    Soybean Imports Skyrocketing in Jan/Mar

    Argentine soybean imports exceeded expectations at 928 Thd T in March and 1.29 Mn T in Jan/March 2018, while soybean exports were minimal so far this year. In April we expect Argentine soybean exports at only....


    FLASH Apr 24

    Canola Exports Down Sharply in Jan/Mar

    Exports of canola continued to trail the year-ago volume at 0.78 Mn T in March, according to preliminary data. Although recovering seasonally from the unusually low level registered in February... Details in the FLASH...

    There are indications of a pick-up in Chinese purchases of canola in Canada, but confirmation is still lacking. Increased Chinese purchases and imports would sizably moderate the current supply surplus in rapeseed and canola in many producing countries. Last week we pointed out that world stocks of rapeseed would be up by 2.1 Mn T in July, with biggest increases in Canada, the EU and Australia...


    May 2018

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    MONTHLY Apr 20

    Ampleness in Palm Oil vs. Tightness in Sun and Soya Oils

    The vegetable oil market is much less affected by the Argentine soybean crop failure than the meal market owing to the low oil content of soybeans and ample supplies of competing oils, above all palm oil and to some extent rapeseed oil. Soya oil satisfies roughly 29–30% of world vegetable oil consumption this season while soya meal represents more than 70% of oilmeal use...

    The diminishing production growth in soya oil and declining sunflower oil output primarily in the second half of this season are seen raising the dependence of consumers on palm oil. This is reflected in the assumed growth of palm oil exports by...


    MONTHLY Apr 20

    Tightness in Soya Meal Here to Stay

    Soya meal prices are still supported, hovering considerably above the year-earlier level primarily in Argentina whose soya meal output and exports supplies will stay below comparable 2017 in coming months. The tightness on the domestic market has recently prompted Argentine crushers to book large quantities of soybeans from the US and Brazil.

    World exports of soya meal are likely to continue to fall short of the year-ago volume in Apr/June and July/Sept, probably making 2017/18 the second season in a row of declining world soya meal trade, despite further increases in world production and usage....



    WEEKLY April 13

    Crushers Scrambling for Soybeans

    Argentine crushers are obviously scrambling for supplies and reportedly bought soybeans from the US and Brazil recently. However, rallying prices in Brazil are likely to limit sales.

    With total imports of soybeans from Brazil, the US and Uruguay probably limited to 0.7–0.9 Mn T, Argentina will need to step up soybean imports from Paraguay...


    WEEKLY April 13

    Export Prospects April/Sept

    World exports of soya meal will be curbed below previous expectations and may fall to a 5-year low in April/Sept 2018. Steep decline of Argentine exports can be offset only partly by larger shipments from other origins.

    Competitiveness of Chinese soya meal on world market has deteriorated significantly...

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