FLASH Aug 14

    Vegoil Imports Keep Falling

    Low palm oil imports in July were yet another confirmation for the significant slowdown of the Indian vegetable oil consumption growth in recent months. Cumulative palm oil imports plunged by 0.9 Mn T in April/July and the market share of soft oils increased...


    WEEKLY August 10

    Exports Up Sharply

    Monthly exports of biodiesel from Argentina, Indonesia and Malaysia rocketed to a record 0.57 Mn T in June and their cumulative shipments were boosted by 74% to 1.7 Mn T in Jan/June 2018...


    FLASH August 8

    Attractive Prices Seen Boosting Demand

    Recovering production is showing up in rising exports of copra meal from Indonesia and the Philippines. Combined exports from the two countries increased by almost 50% from the low year-ago in Jan/June 2018...The uptrend of demand from China, South Korea and Vietnam is also promoted by the improved price competitiveness of copra meal...

  • C.I.S.

    WEEKLY August 3

    Higher Than Expected Rapeseed Crop

    Higher than expected production in Ukraine and Russia this year will raise rapeseed crushings and exports above earlier forecasts in 2018/19. We now consider it likely that the two CIS countries combined will harvest 4.5 Mn T of rapeseed this year. Combined rapeseed exports from Ukraine and Russia are likely to be boosted to a new high of 2.8 Mn T in 2018/19. In the Aug 3 weekly report we provide our first tentative estimates of shipments by destination...


    WEEKLY August 3

    China Has To Resume US Soybean Purchases

    The South American supply shortage will make it necessary for China, in our opinion, to import 15.0 Mn T of US soybeans in Oct/March 2018/19, even if the current trade war is not resolved. This already implies a sizeable reduction in Chinese soybean crushings and soya meal consumption even if stocks of soybeans and soya meal are reduced and even if imports of soybean meal, other oilmeals and of rapeseed and canola are increased...


    WEEKLY August 3

    Will There Be a Solution After All?

    In soybeans both China and the USA depend on each other. China will continue to depend on US soybeans to fully satisfy its protein requirements. The USA will continue to depend on China as its major customer and the US industry cannot flourish and expand without Chinese purchases...


    WEEKLY August 3

    Palm Oil Prices Undervalued

    Palm oil prices are undervalued, in our opinion. Following the additional decline in July, palm oil prices currently show wide discounts relative to soya oil, rapeseed oil and sunflower oil. Palm oil prices are also unusually low relative to fossil fuels. In Rotterdam crude palm oil was US$ 80 below ICE gas oil futures as of end-July. Such a discount is unprecedented...

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