FLASH May 16

    Soybean Export Sales Are Picking Up

    Following the failure of the US-China trade negotiations at the end of last week, China turned to purchasing South American soybeans, primarily in Brazil...

    Current low Brazilian soybean stocks will necessitate a shift in Chinese buying to Argentine origin. In May/Dec 2019 total Brazilian soybean export supplies will be at best ... Mn T compared with 60.1 Mn T exported in May/Dec 2018...


    FLASH May 14

    Soybean Futures At 10-Year Low

    On the CBOT soybean futures plummeted to a 10-year low and also other agricultural products came under selling pressure. The US-China trade war is intensifying. China announced retaliatory tariffs to be put in place at the beginning of June in response to the higher US taxes effective as of May 10. Export prospects of US soybeans have deteriorated....

    Soybean premiums are rising in South America. In expectation  of a pick-up in Chinese purchases, export prices of soybeans have recovered in South America. Brazil is now offered at premium of US-$ 20 per tonne over US soybeans...



    May 2019

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    FLASH May 8

    Record CIS Crops Boosting Product Exports in 2018/19

    Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan more than doubled exports of rapeseed oil & meal so far this season. For July/June 2018/19 we estimate their exports to approach a combined...

    In the CIS countries rapeseed production was boosted to a record 6.0 Mn T in the summer of 2018, up 1.2 Mn T from last year and up 2.0 Mn T from the most recent 5-year average.


    WEEKLY May 10

    South American Exports Below Expectations

    There is concern among South American farmers about insufficient Chinese purchases of soybeans and downward pressure on prices. This is particularly true in Brazil where soybean crop estimates have been raised lately and where the year-on-year decline in total soybean exports in May and June may be even larger than assumed hitherto, mainly on account of China....
    However, a totally new situation may develop if the US/China trade talks fail and if China resumes purchasing South American soybeans, particularly if China...

  • EU-28

    WEEKLY May 3

    Short Rapeseed Crop - Rising Imports

    Rapeseed production prospects have deteriorated further following downward revisions for Romania, the UK and several other countries. EU rapeseed output is now estimated to fall to or even below 18.0 Mn T in 2019, a 13-year low...

    EU rapeseed imports are seen increasing to a new high in 2019/20. Imports from Canada will be maximized but are subject to several constraints...





    WEEKLY May 3

    Tightening Supplies

    Sharply lower Peruvian production will significantly curb world export supplies of fish oil & meal in Apr/Sept 2019.

    The Peruvian Government finally announced the April/July catch quota on April 26 at the low end of market expectations...

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