FLASH Sept 20

    World Output Down 2.2 Mn T in 2018/19

    World production of rapeseed & canola is turning out lower than initially expected in 2018/19. Following downward revisions in Canada, Australia and China, which were only partly offset by increases in India and in the C.I.S. countries, we have reduced our global production estimate to...

    EU-28 rapeseed production plummeted to a 7-year low of 19.5 Mn T in 2018, down 2.4 Mn T from a year earlier. With the harvested area practically unchanged at 6.71 Mn ha, this sharp decline was exclusively on account of unusually low average yields....


    FLASH Sept 19

    Indonesian Export Prices Close to a 3-year Low

    Palm oil prices have come under renewed pressure. In Indonesia fob export prices of crude palm oil plummeted to US-$ 515 for nearest forward shipment yesterday, down from US-$ 542 two weeks ago. The price decline occurred despite sharply rising palm oil consumption for biodiesel and may be linked to reports about larger than expected Indonesian production...

    In the cash market the price pressure for Malaysian crude and processed palm oils was less severe. But on the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives crude palm oil futures came under considerable pressure and settled today at 2136 ringgit in the Nov contract and 2157 ringgit for December...


    FLASH Sept 18

    Oilseed Production to Reach multi-year High

    We currently expect oilseed production in India to increase by 1.6–1.7 Mn T in 2018/19, assuming about normal weather for kharif crops in coming weeks and for rabi crops in early 2019...


    WEEKLY Sept 14

    World Exports Up Sharply

    World trade in biodiesel is reaching new record highs this year. Exports of 4 major countries increased steeply by 1.0 Mn T or 70% in Jan/July 2018, with large increases in shipments to the European Union and China. In the OIL WORLD Weekly of September 14 we have summarized latest available export data for Indonesia, Malaysia, Argentina and Canada...

  • IRAN

    WEEKLY Sept 14

    Imports of Soybeans and Soya Meal On the Rise

    The sharp increase in imports of soybeans & soya meal in July/Sept 2018 is likely to raise domestic consumption of the two products but might also promote a replenishment of stocks after they had been reduced by the end of the preceding quarter...

    It is not surprising that Iranian soybean processors took advantage of unusually attractive US soybean prices, boosting imports from that origin to almost...


    WEEKLY Sept 14

    Further Downtrend Palm Oil Yields in August

    Palm oil production was again unusually low at 1.62 Mn T in August. This is down 0.2 Mn T from a year earlier and a multi-year low for that month. Average Malaysian palm oil yields per hectare have been on a declining trend for quite a while due to lack of replanting, labour shortages and other issues...

    During the past 4 months total Malaysian palm oil output plummeted by 0.8 Mn T from a year earlier to 6.0 Mn T, with the nationwide yield a staggering 20% below the 10-year average...


    WEEKLY Sept 7

    Dominance of C.I.S. Production to Increase Further

    We estimate world production of linseed & flaxseed to recover by 0.1 Mn to 2.69 Mn T in 2018/19 and the dominance of the CIS countries as the largest supplier to the world market to continue to increase...

    Flaxseed has lost attractiveness for farmers in North America with both Canada and the US indicating pronounced reductions of plantings this year. The 2018/19 supply tightness in North America is compounded by the reduction of flaxseed carry-over stocks. Both in Canada and the US they were reported at a three-year low...

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