FLASH July 28

    Irreversible Crop Demage is Keeping Prices Elavated

    The price premium of canola futures versus soybeans on the CBOT recently widened to more than US-$/T 200 and averaged US-$ 193 during July 1–27. The market now has the difficult task of pricing an unprecedented situation ...

    The price strength of canola versus soybeans is also attributable to the firmness of vegetable oil prices....



    WEEKLY July 23

    Imports of Oilseeds, Oils & Meals Forecast to Decline in July/Sept

    There are signs for a slowdown in Chinese imports of oilseeds and products. Following record arrivals in recent months, a year-on-year decline is likely to occur in imports of oilseeds and products in July/Sept 2021...Stocks were accumulated in recent months, primarily in soybeans but also in vegetable oils and oilmeals...

    The unusually large increase of 1.6 Mn T in Chinese consumption of 17 oils & fats can be explained by the following factors...


    WEEKLY July 23

    Higher World Production Seen Boosting Chinese Consumption

    World production of fish meal is exceeding expectations in Apr/Sept 2021, propelling total output this season to a 16-year high of 5.4 Mn T (vs. 4.88 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2019/20)....Comparatively low prices and strong domestic demand are likely to boost Chinese fish meal imports to a new high of 1.7 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2020/21, paving the way for an increase of consumption of 10-15% this season


    MONTHLY July 16

    Production Surplus Anticipated for 2021/22

    World production of 7 oilseeds is now forecast at 603.9 Mn T for 2021/22, 32.8 Mn T above a year earlier. We have raised our forecast for soybeans by 1.3 Mn T from a month earlier to 379.4 Mn T, 19.8 Mn T above a year earlier, mainly on account of Brazil. World production of sunflowerseed is seen at a record 57.7 Mn T... Production prospects of rapeseed & canola deteriorated, mainly on account of significant losses in Canada......


  • 8 OILS & FATS

    MONTHLY July 16

    Big Uncertainties Regarding Production

    The world market will strongly depend on large sunflower oil production in 2021/22 owing to the deteriorating rapeseed oil supply outlook and still unsolved labour problems in palm oil sector....

    World production of eight oils is seen recovering from a low level of comparison to a record 210.2 Mn T in Oct/Sept 2021/22. The production growth is seen jumping to a 4-year high of 9.0 Mn T with the biggest increases in palm oil and sunflower oil....

  • Rapeseed & Canola

    FLASH July 14

    Global Supply & Demand Fundamentals Bullish

    Sharply reduced opening stocks and diverging production prospects in key growing regions are likely to keep volatility in rapeseed prices unusually high in coming months. World production of rapeseed & canola is seen falling short of expectations in 2021/22, with the significant downward revision in Canada only partly offset by larger than initially expected crops in the EU-27 and Ukraine as well as favourable weather conditions in Australia....


    MONTHLY July 16

    Malaysia Output Curbed By Severe Labour Shortage

    In Malaysia palm oil production is falling short of expectations. Shortage of workers has become more severe lately. Exports declining. Stocks still relatively low. Our new estimates in the FLASH ....

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